DiningOUT in Baltimore: News

9/7/2014: Pappas has opened up their new location at the site of the former Patrick’s location on Cranbrook Drive in Cockeysville.

9/5/2014:  Former “Regions” location in Catonsville has been taken over by a new Italian/Pizza place, Franco’s, which should be opening very soon!  Also Peace of Pizza will be opening up a new dessert place at the rear of their restaurant, Babas Dessert Shop.

9/2/2014:  Havana Road in Towson will shut its doors for good on Sept 21, 2014 (but DiningOUT won’t be crying in our mojitos over that closure!)

8/28/2014:  El Rodeo in Towson closed in mid-July/2014

8/20/2014:   “Dining Out for Life”  on September 18th!  Help Baltimore-based “Moveable Feast” put healthy food on the table for people in Maryland with AIDS, cancer and other life-threatening illnesses by dining out on Thursday, September 18th at one of the participating restaurants that will be donating 25% to 50% of your check to this good cause!  Here’s a link to the list of participating restaurants.  Particularly the restaurants contributing 50% of your check to Moveable Feast tend to book up early so think about making a reservation now!

8/17/2014:  Mughal Garden, a favorite Indian restaurant in Mt. Vernon, is closed!  A large sign across the former bar window facing Charles Street says that a new “Nepal House” restaurant will be taking over the space following renovations.

8/15/2014: I was surprised to find out that the crab cakes that I ordered from Oprah Winfrey-endorsed Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More to be shipped to my mom in Florida were actually shipped from Madison, Wisconsin!   With a name like “Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes” and a listed office location  in Owings Mills, Md, I rashly assumed that the crab cakes I ordered might have originated from somewhere in Maryland.   Foolish me!  (FYI – For the record, I checked and there’s isn’t a Chesapeake Bay in Wisconsin! <Wink>)

8/11/2014:  The “Pen & Quill” officially opened on Monday, 8/11/2014 replacing the failed re-opening of “The Chesapeake”.  Hopefully it learns a lesson from “The Chesapeake” fiasco and realizes that Station North is NOT the place for upscale pricey restaurants!  FYI – A preliminary placeholder web site,  http://penandquill.net/, has been created but offers no information on the menu

8/8/2014:  Chef Paolino, one of our favorite Catonsville casual Italian restaurants, has opened a second branch in Ellicott City off of Route 40 across from the Crab Shanty.

8/7/2014:   Oprah – along with her man Steadman –  had a crab cake dinner in Baltimore on Wednesday evening Aug. 6th.  Where – with all of the crab cake joints in B’more to pick from – did they eat????   Gee whiz!  None other than the Captain James!

7/23/2014:  “Regions” in restaurant in downtown Catonsville closed at the end of June/2014.    If you’ve got outstanding gift certificates for “Regions”, don’t despair – you can use them up at Catonsville Gourmet (which is owned by the same folks)

7/22/2014:  Discovered that Harborque had moved out of its long time location on Lawrence Street between Fort Ave and Key Highway and is now located at 1325 S. Charles St; the new location is a short walk south of the Cross Street Market on Federal Hill.

7/20/2014:  Sticking my head in “Cafe Hon” in Hamden, I got a big surprise!   All of the decor that Chef Ramsay and his “Kitchen Nightmares” team had added in their re-do of Cafe Hon was totally gone!   If that was enough…   The “Hon Town” shop across “The Avenue” from Cafe Hon (owned by the same woman) had moved into a former Cafe Hon dining room and “Hon Town” had turned into the new location for “Sugar” (a store with totally frosted windows which is perhaps appropriate considering that “Sugar” has won the City Paper award for best (ahem…) “Adult Store”

7/3/2014:  Word is that “The Chesapeake” restaurant in “Station North” has officially bit the dust and will be re-opened later this year as the “Pen & Quill” under the management of Helmand Karzai (Yup, related to the former Afghan president) who owns and operates “Helmand”, “B” and “Tapas Teatro” in Baltimore.

7/2/2014:   Sprout Natural Choice vegan/vegetarian restaurant on Frederick Road officially opened this past week in the middle of downtown Catonsville.  It is a bargain with most quality food items on the menu under $10 and it’s definitely worth checking out!

6/30/2014:  Disappointed to learn that the “Grandview Penthouse” in Hampden had closed the first week of June/2014.  It had the most incredible 180 degree view of Baltimore that spanned from Catonsville to the Key Bridge to Dundalk (and you could enjoy all of that for just the cost of a bargain burger!)

6/22/2014: There are Farmers Markets all over Baltimore just waiting for you to check them out!



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