FYI – Get $10 off the cost of your meal at 50 restaurants?

“City Dining Cards” offer a $10 discount if your party buys $30+ worth of food (alcohol/drinks and taxes excluded from that threshold.  The Baltimore edition includes 50 cards for 50 different Baltimore area restaurants.  Each “card” can be used only once at each restaurant and the deck of 50 cards (each specific to a particular restaurant ) can be used through the end of 2015.   Potentially, if you ate at all 50 restaurants, your $20 purchase price could save you potentially $500.  The way it works is simple – you remove the card for the restaurant that you want to eat at from the deck of 50 cards that you get (each marked with the name/address of a specific restaurant) and present it with your check.  If you’ve spent more than $30 for food, you get $10 off your bill.   I understand that the restaurant keeps the “card” (which is how “City Dining” insures that you use each card only once!)


If you eat out a lot and like eating at different restaurants, it can be a good deal (Of course, since the whole deck of cards costs only $20, it’s pretty easy to break even on the purchase price!)        Here’s the list of currently particpating restaurants:

Abbey Burger Bistro

Aldo’s Ristorante



B&O American Brasserie

Bagby Pizza Company


Blue Agave Restaurante & Tequlieria

Bluegrass Tavern

By Degrees Cafe

Canton Dockside

Cardinal Tavern

Chazz: A Bronx Original

City Café



Dangerously Delicious Pies

Dempsey’s Brewpub & Restaurant

Desert Cafe

Ethel’s Creole Kitchen

Fleet Street Kitchen

Heavy Seas

Holy Frijoles


Cafe Hon

Langermann’s on Light



Luckies Tavern

Maggie’s Farm

Marquee Lounge

Milk + Honey Market

Mother’s Federal Hill Grille

Mt. Washington Tavern

Myth and Moonshine

The Nickel Taphouse

Of Love & Regret

Peter’s Inn

Rocket To Venus

Rowhouse Grille


Sticky Rice

Tapas Teatro

Ten Ten American Bistro

The Brewer’s Art

The Chasseur

The Chesapeake

The Food Market


Zen Wes


I wondered what happens if one or more of these restaurants close before you get a chance to use the card?  In their FAQ section, City Dining Cards says that if you mail the physical card back to them, they will mail you back a card for a new participating restaurant to use in its place.  Sounds like a good solution to me!  

Caveat Diner:  I have not purchased or used “City Dining Cards” but have heard and read from several people who have and sounds like it could be a deal worth knowing about!


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