REVIEW: Silks Bar & Grille – A Notch Above

My friends Tom and Paul used to be a big fan of a small bar, Silks, tucked away a couple of blocks from the hubbub of O’Donnell Street at the corner of Hudson St. and Lakewood Ave. in a former small 12 foot wide rowhouse.    The former owner, Kevin, was apparently a bit of a neighborhood legend but he had some health problems and Silks sat closed for awhile.   My friends learned that it had re-opened, they were intrigued to see what was what and geez, we had just gotten out of a slightly strange movie at the Charles and a late afternoon snort seemed like just the thing.  We learned that this new upscaled version of Silks had opened up in 2014/March and that Kevin was there for the opening (regretfully, we also learned that he passed away a few weeks later).      Anyone familiar with parking around Canton and the legend of Kevin will appreciate our permutations when by chance there was an empty parking space right in front of Silks! (the ghost of Kevin? Kharma? Fickle Finger of Fate?)   The bar is a really pleasant place with a long oak bar that spans the length of the room and there are plenty of windows which left us all feeling like it was a pleasant place to be.  And of course, there’s also 4 flat screen tv’s in the bar!

IMG_3851The bartender had a way with stories and he told us how a business partner and investor managed not only to buy silks but four adjacent rowhouses on Hudson – as a result, the original Silks has been merged with the rowhouse next to it and now there’s a pleasant dining room lurking behind the bar (we also heard a story that the owners are negotiating to get clearance to open up the combined 2 floor as an expanded dining and private party room)  And yup, another four flat screens in the dining room! <Wink>


There seems like there are a heck of a lot of beers on draft (Tom was disappointed though that they didn’t have his current fav brew: “Sweet Baby Jesus”; I think he just enjoys the look on some folks face he asks for a pint!)

IMG_3838The four of us decided to share an order of “Loaded Tater Tots” ($7) which proved to be a great idea.  Unfortunately, they were so good that our photographer was so engrossed with wolfing them down that he didn’t think to take a photo before they were almost gone!   The two page menu offers ten appetizers ($7-$11), five burger variations ($10-$11), eight sandwiches ($7-$12), four salads ($7-$10 – Add grilled chicken for $4), and six entrees (from $12 for fish and chips to an $18 crab cake platter.

IMG_3840We were enjoying ourselves so much that somehow a second round of drinks got ordered and the next thing we knew, we were looking at some gawd dang appetizing plates of food making their way to some patrons at the other end of the bar.  We looked at the menu’s that the wise bartender had supplied us with, heads were nodding in agreement and we ordered some dinner!   Paul asked the bartender about the Cheese Steak Sub ($10)  –  the bartender replied that it was great and that Paul wouldn’t regret ordering it!  (That proved enough convincing for Paul to order it!)   Tom was intrigued by a plate of nachos that had passed us by and he quickly went for that.   Marty realized that this was Monday (as well as Labor Day) and there was sign with nightly specials and Salmon Cake Slidders.   Yup, three sliders were $9 – and not only that – but they came with “SideWinder Fries”.  (Marty didn’t need to think about his choice any futher!)   John was taken with the “Steak House Burger” ($11 – and he was happy to learn that they came with “SideWinder Fries” too)


Paul’s cheese steak sub was an instant winner with the large sub roll stuff high with slice briefs and rivulets of melted cheese oozing in every direction.  Paul’s not big on fries as a rule but it didn’t take a psychic to interpret his glances at the Marty and John’s Side Winder Fries as wondering if he should have gone with the fries instead instead of chips!

IMG_3848Tom’s Nachos made quite the presentation with lots of “made here” chips smothered with cheese, black olives, sliced jalapenos, pico de galo, some lettuce and a big dollop of sour cream.   He looked like a very happy man!

IMG_3847It was hard to tell whether Marty was salivating more over sliders or over his fries!   (the salmon cakes were enhanced with a garlic dill sauce that nicely complemented the salmon cakes)  .  Even more amazingly, he somehow managed to leave one slider and three fries behind to take home with him (I don’t know he summed up the willpower to do that!)

IMG_3850John had as much trouble as Marty trying to decide if he was more impressed by the unusual but delicious fries or the big thick burger topped with fried onion rings, lettuce and garden fresh tomato slices.   (There was a shaker with “Old Bay” on the bar counter and he sprinkled some on his fries and tried them first!   None of us had ever encountered anything like the sidewinder fries and both Marty and John gave them a “Thumbs Up!” and recommend them without reservation!)

All in all, we were four happy campers and quite satisfied with Silks and what we had ordered! The kitchen turns out bar food that’s a decided notch above what we would have otherwise expected.   The bartender did a great job of looking after us and making sure all was ok!   Silks surprised us by providing the friendly ambiance of a neighborhood corner joint combined with drinks and food that were definitely better than average.


FACTS:  Silks Bar & Grille – Canton;  2641 Hudson Street; 443-708-0317; Full Bar; Vegetarian Options; No webpage but a presence on FACEBOOK ; Open Mon-Thurs from 4 pm to 2 am; Fri from 11 am to 2 am; Sat/Sun from 10 am (serving brunch!) to 2 am; On Street Parking;

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