FYI: Pen & Quill – Photos of the new restaurant

IMG_3836After seeing a movie at the Charles theater on Labor Day, we walked down and found the door of the new Pen & Quill – which replaced the defunct Chesapeake – open!   We poked our head inside and found ourselves talking with Qayum Karzai, the manager of the new restaurant (and former candidate for President of Afghanistan in the elections there earlier this year!)    He explained that they were closed for Labor Day but doing some final touch-ups; I asked if we could take a peak and he graciously invited us inside to take a look!





The fundamental layout of the Chesapeake is still apparent but the bar/lounge/dining area has been opened up in one big room

IMG_3833The former formal dining room tucked behind the bar now has see thru windows into the bar area but will provide a quieter space.

IMG_3834Outside the entrance, there’s a new “P&Q” logo carved out of oak wood for the Pen & Quill with a stylish big blue “Thumbs Up!” under it.   Reportedly the bar in the original “The Chesapeake” which closed over 25 years ago was named the Pen & Quill”.


Pen and Quill on Urbanspoon


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