REVIEW: 7 West Bistro Grille

IMG_3780The “7 West Bistro Grille” is in downtown Towson at 7 W. Chesapeake Ave (just a short walk across York Road from the Towson Library).  It’s a very large space with 20 foot high ceilings with lots of pendant lighting fixtures.  There are spots where you’ll find a number of red crystal chandeliers and very long swags of sparkling diaphanous material.  Near the side facing the street, there’s a large oval bar that easily sits 40 people with several large flat screen TV’s.  Behind the bar is a large empty area which may function as a dance floor on the weekends and behind that is a two tier dining area with three dozen tables.  While you might assume that this is a hangout for nearby Towson University students, in the early evening the customers cover a wide range of ages.





The 7 West dining area is an attractive spot (though how easily you can read the menu may depend on whether your seated near one of the pendant lighting fixtures!  (One of our friends got up to a more brightly lit spot when the lighting wasn’t adequate for the small menu print)

IMG_3779The 7 West menu offers a lot of diversity!   There are 24 appetizers with a decided Mediterrean/Middle Eastern feel (most $6-$10 including standards like Hummus, Dolmades, Eggplant Dip), Soups (MD Crab  or Cream of Crab  $5), six entree salads ($13 – $15), Ten grilled chicken or burger sandwiches (Most $8-$10 and includes fries plus the featured Gyro sandwich with fries is $9)   7 West also offers a dozen pasta dishes (Chicken or Eggplant Parm for $13) and a dozen upscale entrees ($15-$26).   The five of us decide to share an appetizer – the Spinach & Artichoke Dip ($8); it turned out to be a great choice topped with lots of melted Cheddar and served with pieces of Pita bread (there was barely enough Pita to go around and we asked for more and were charged $ .50 on the bill for it)    7 West also includes a basket of some delicious Mediterrean bread with olive oil for dipping (we like that so much we asked for more and were pleasantly surprised that we weren’t charge anything additional for that!)   For our main course, three of us ordered the Gyro sandwiches ($9 – we’ve had them before and really liked them!), John decided on the Black & Bleu Burger ($9) and Paul tried the special 7 West Burger ($10).


The gyro sandwiches turned out great as expected and earned a Thumbs Up from all of the three guys who ordered them.  The fries were fresh and hot and the gyros are generously stuffed with lots of the speccial lamb/beef blend of meat.   Marty couldn’t finish all of his and took  half home!

IMG_3775John’s burger arrived done medium rare as he requested with lots of feta, as well as tomato, red onion and lettuce in addition to the big pile of fries.   It was satisfying and very good!


Paul’s burger was topped several slices of bacon on top of a generous mix of Provolone, Swiss and American melted cheese.  It proved too much to eat for Paul and he took half of his sandwich and fries home with him!

Our server, a young man who’s studying to be a pharmacist,  was very friendly and attentive and did a great job of looking out for us.  Between appetizers and our delicious gyros and burgers though , we were filled and couldn’t even think about dessert! Maybe next time!


FACTS:  7 West Bistro Grille – Towson; 7 West Chesapeake Ave.;  (410) 337-9378;  ; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; Full Bar; Vegetarian Options; Valet Parking on weekends otherwise paid street or parking lots; Monday night $4,99 Burger Special




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