FYI – “Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes” Ain’t From Around the Chesapeake!

chesapeake-logoCaveat Emptor!!!   With a name like “Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More” and an endorsement from Maryland Crab Cake loving Oprah Winfrey (she recommended them as a place to get Crab Cakes from back in 2007), I thought that I had a good chance of ordering some actual Maryland crab cakes from this company as a gift for my mom.   I double checked and the address listed on their web site is in Owings Mills (Ok! Not exactly on the Chesapeake Bay water front but still in Maryland in the Baltimore suburbs!)

Adding to my conjectures, the offices for this business, according to their web site,  are located in Owings Mills, Maryland.  So here I rashly assumed that the crab cakes that I was interested in would have originated from somewhere in Maryland and went ahead placed my order.   Foolish me!!!

The FedEx “tracking” emails that I received for the shipment reported that the crab cakes that I ordered were actually shipped from Madison, Wisconsin!  ( FYI – For those of you who may be geographically challenged, Madison is about 850 miles west of Chesapeake Bay! )

While the website for the business never makes any assertion about the crab cakes or other foods that they sell coming from Maryland, it seems clear that the company’s name combined with the fact that they are selling foods that are associated with Maryland and the Chesapeake certainly were crafted in such a way as to leave even a relatively smart and internet savvy person like me thinking that I was buying Maryland products.

Ha!  All I have to say is “Caveat Emptor Internetus!” (i.e., Internet Buyers Beware!!!)   You’ve been warned!


Did my mom like the crab cakes?   She did – but she assumed that they were from Maryland too – and I haven’t told her differently (as of yet!)

Would I purchase more crab cakes or anything else from Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More?   Nope!  Never again!


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