REVIEW: Dan’s Restaurant and Tap House – More Than You Might Expect!

IMG_3711A visit to the Boonsboro Museum of History in Boonsboro, Maryland proved worthwhile but we were hungry and ready for something to eat!  Two blocks away on Boonsboro’s Main Street, we spotted Dan’s Restaurant and Tap House.  Our expectations weren’t necessarily high – we were hungry and Dan’s was close by within a short work!

So we decided to eat at Dan’s!








dan_tapsDan’s bar (with two dozen  unusual or regional brews on tap to try if you were so inclined!) seemed right popular!





We decided to get a table in the adjacent, but separate, dining room with a mix of about 18 tables and booths.  We were impressed by the pressed copper ceiling!



Dan’s menu exceeded our expectations that we just find some pub grub!   Fifteen appetizers ($5-$12) included unusual touches like Calamari fried in a cumin batter with Roasted Red Pepper Coulis ($8), an Artisan cheese plate ($12) and a Seared Ahi Tuna wth a Five Spice Rub, Ginger Slaw & Wasabi Aioli ($10).    There’s also a dozen sandwiches/burgers ($8 – $12 which includes fries and pickle) and a half dozen entrees ($12 – $19).   We played it safer for our group of four guys and ordered a couple of appetizers to start with – “Tots” (Tater Tots/Sharp Cheddar/Bourbon Bacon/Sour Cream/Jalapenos $10) and Fried Onion Rings with a spicy Aioli sauce ($7).



 The onion ring were average and the spicy Aioli didn’t seem all that spicy (John’s guess was that given the portion size, these could have been priced a couple bucks less)


The tots proved far more of a hit covered in lots of melted cheddar, crumbled bacon and slices of jalapeno with a big glob of sour cream to dip ’em in!  And we made some decisions on what to have for our main course!  Tom got the Calamari Greek Salad ($12), John decided on the Chili Cinnamon Panini ($10), Paul went for the Ham & Cheese Panini ($8) and Jim ordered a Steak & Cheese sub ($12).  Just as we got done ordering, our waiter return with the bad news that the fryer in the kitchen was having problems and we wouldn’t be able to get fries with our sandwiches – instead, he offered us a side salad (which normally would have been $1 extra) at no additional cost.


 Tom’s salad offered lots of grilled calamari with Kalamata Olives, Roasted Red Peppers, and Feta Cheese with a Honey Lemon Vinaigrette on the side. He enjoyed his salad and thought it was right good!


John’s Chili Cinnamon Panini wasn’t quite what he expected!  Turns out that this was strips of well done beef rubbed with both Chili powder and Cinnamon with spicy aioli sauce.   (John should have asked the waiter for clarification when he ordered!  He didn’t and assumed that Chili referred to a beef chili seasoned with cinnamon hence his surprise at what he actually was served!)   The chili and cinnamon seasoning was interesting but he would have enjoyed the beef strips a lot more had they been less well done!


Paul was pleased with Ham & Cheese Panini (it was so filling that he ended up taking half of it home with him!)


Jim’s “sub” sandwich was a winner with a large roll stuffed with Sliced Ribeye/Sautéed, grilled onions and peppers with Provolone and diced fresh tomato on top!

Service was great and our waiter was friendly and helpful (and even gave us some suggestions on what else to around Boonsboro!)    We enjoyed Dan’s; consensus was that the food was a notch or two above what we would might have expected and we ended up glad that we stopped here!


Enjoying Our Pub Grub!

FACTS:   Dan’s Restaurant & Tap House – Boonsboro; 3 S. Main Street ; 310- 432-5224;  ; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; Pub Grub available until closing; Full Bar; Vegetarian Options; On Street parking only.




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