FYI – Wisconsin State Fair’s Amazing Food

Image-10263107-220432658-2-WebLarge_0_457d75c507a1b69c595be2406d5643e9_1My friend Tom had the chance to visit the Wisconsin State Fair and I was amazed hearing him talk about some of the amazing food offered at the fair that’s oh so hard to resist


What’s so amazing about cream puffs?  Well perhaps that Wisconsin State Fair sold 387,000 of them in the 10 days of the fair in 2013!   Just imagine making that many cream puffs?   (And I’m not even going to write about why I wish Tom had tried some almost as amazing Pork Donuts!)

Image-10263107-220432968-2-WebLarge_0_b9314adb5dbcef0f6f7800a6d9805026_1 cream_puffs

Well how about foods that you probably won’t find at a fast food place or your local supermarket (no matter how upscale!). Foods like Chocolate Covered Bacon???  (Tom notes that it is served icy cold because otheriwse the salted chocolate starts to melt and that the bacon is smoked bacon!)


The Wisconsin State Fair is big on “Food on a Stick” – in fact, the 2014 fair offers more than 100 different versions of “Food on a Stick” !


Some great examples (which leave me scratching my head a bit in disbelief…) include Spaghetti & Meatballs on a stick, Salad on a stick, Scotch Egg on a stick, Deep Fried Twinkies on a stick, Cajun Shark on a stick, Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly on a stick, Beer Sorbet on a stick, and Deep Fried Elvis on a stick (if you don’t otherwise know, “Fat Elvis” is sort of like a peanut butter cup dipped in a banana batter with bacon!)


Are you a calorie watcher?    Better watch out!   One  “Fat Elvis on a stick” is about 1,200+ calories! A Cream Puff is 500 calories on average but Frog Legs on a stick are almost a low cal treat!  (They weigh in at about 125 calories per frog leg!)


Jeez!  How could I forget to mention the Deep Fried Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots???

In addition to the food on-a-stick list, the State Fair had its second annual Sporkies competition awarding the Golden Spork to 3 lucky contestants for “Best Tasting”, “Most Creative”, and “Grand Champion”.  The 2014 Sporkies Finalists List is not as interesting as the complete list of all the Sporky entries.


With so many choices one has to be judicious or risk a surprise visit to the local ER.  Tom’s choices included python spring rolls, kangaroo and venison dumplings, corned beef eggrolls, and obligatory turkey drumstick.  There was a sip or two of a beer float which he said was an insult to the ice cream floating in some dark beer.  For the cardiac-challenged there was a “solo pizza cone” which was a thin excuse for ingesting more melted mozarella than should ever be allowed in one serving.  America’s Dairyland, indeed!

Fat Elvis on a Stick

Fat Elvis on a Stick

I’ll admit to being envious of Tom’s visit to the Wisconsin State Fair –  The local Maryland State Fair just doesn’t come any where close to offering such a huge array of temptations!   And I also confess that all of this has left me pondering what a Fat Elvis or a pork donut or a shepards pie on-a-stick would taste like…



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