REVIEW: Three Brothers – MD-based Italian Fast Food Chain

IMG_3589“Three Brothers” is a Maryland chain of 15 Italian quick serve restaurants   Yes, there are actually three brothers – Michael, Mario and Peter Repole – who were born in Italy, started the business back in 1976 in Greenbelt and all three are still actively managing the business.    (The sole Baltimore area location is in Lansdowne in the newish large shopping center on Rte 1 (Washington Blvd) just inside the Baltimore Beltway).


IMG_3596The menu includes pizzas (14″ specialties from $11- $15, calzones and “boats” ($8), two dozen types of sandwiches, wraps, heroes and subs ($7 – $9),  a dozen entree salads ($7 – $9), and a dozen entrees ($10-$15 and include a side salad and garlic bread)


Paul decided on a pepperoni calzone ($7.95), Tom went with an entree, Chicken Scampi ($10), and John opted for a special of the day – an Italian “Boat” with a side salad ($9).

IMG_3586We ordered at the counter and we were given a number on a stand that we put on our table and the staff brought our meals to us.   The dining room was large and bright with a large mural and a mix of tables and booths.

IMG_3590Paul’s pepperoni Calzone looked big and arrived with a couple of containers of Mama Repole’s marinara sauce.   Paul enjoyed it but it was so big that he threw in the towel and took half home with him!

IMG_3592John got a good sized side salad – considering our visit was at the end of July, I would have hoped that the brothers could have come up with some tomatoes that they had been picked in summer instead of  the middle of winter!   He expected that the “boat” might be open in the middle?   Instead the dough shell was pinched together in the middle and really didn’t look much different at all from Paul’s calzone.  The inside was stuffed with lots of melted mozzarella, sausage, meatballs, peppers, onions and mushrooms.  With some marinara on top and sprinkled liberally with the Parmesan cheese shaker, it made for a great meal.

IMG_3591Tom’s Chicken Scampi came with the tasty chicken mixed together with ziti pasta.  (There was more chicken than is apparent from the photo!)  Considering that his entree included a side salad and garlic bread, the portion size seemed good for $10.

The staff at Three Brothers were friendly and helpful and our food arrived at the table comparatively quickly.  A nice touch is that the staff cleans off the tables (meaning we didn’t have to!).  The food was ok (but I prefer the food and  atmosphere at the similar concept Chef Paolino 10 minutes away in Catonsville;  prices are less  at “Paolino” where similar calzones are $5.75, instead of $7.95 at Three Brothers)

FACTS:  Three Brothers – Lansdowne – 3611 Washington Blvd; 410-536-1080 ; ; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinnerNo alcohol; limited vegetarian options; adjacent free parking




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One thought on “REVIEW: Three Brothers – MD-based Italian Fast Food Chain

  1. The Italian Boat might have been a Stromboli, similar but not the same as a Calzone. One is an inside-out Pizza, and the other has ricotta rather than mozzarella, sort of like lasagna stuffing. I forget which is which, but defer to John’s professional expertise….

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