REVIEW: In Like Flynn Tavern – Successor to J. Patrick’s?

IMG_3486The “In Like Flynn” Tavern opened in June/2014 replacing the former, well regarded “J. Patrick’s” which had been a Locust Point “Mecca” for  for Irish/Celtic music enthusiasts.  Cora Flynn and her family (Yup, “In Like Flynn” is more than a catchy phrase used as the name!) have totally renovated and redone the space (In Like Flynn won’t be needing a tarp tacked on to the ceiling to keep the musicians dry when it rains…  <Wink>).   In a nice touch of continuity, there’s a ceramic tile with the initials “JPB” in memory of J. Patrick’s on the floor in the entrance to “In Like Flynn”.   Inside, my buddy Tom – who spent many an evening drinking and listening to music at J Patrick’s – was surprised by the new interior.   There’s a about a dozen and a half tables and a large bar in a room with walls painted a warm yellow color.   Like the dearly departed “J. Patrick’s”, “In Like Flynn” will be featuring live Irish/Celtic music in the future.



IMG_3477The menu is an interesting – though at times pricey – mix .   There are nine appetizers ($9 – $13), a standard “Potato & Leek” soup ($5), 5 salads ($8 – $11 but lacking any meat/fish options), eight sandwiches/burgers ($9 – $13;  all come with choice of hand cut potato fries or sweet potato fries; an 8 oz burger on a pretzel roll is $10.95 but it’ll cost you an extra $1 to add fried onions and $1.50 each for mushroom, cheese or a fried egg).  There’s also eight entrees ranging from “Fish & Chips” ($17) to a double crab cake platter ($28).

We decided to start by sharing an order of the “Chesapeake Cod Cakes” ($11).   I decided to try the “Corn Beef Sandwich” ($9 with hand cut potato fries), Tom decided on the Shrimp Salad sandwich on dark rye with sweet potato fries ($12) and Martin went for the “Fish & Chips” ($17).


Yeats quote on the wall in the foyer of “In Like Flynn”

The “Chesapeake Cod Cake” proved to be very unlike any “coddie” that we’ve run into.   Two of them  – both almost the size of a tennis ball –  contained a mix of salted cod, crabmeat, mashed and grated potato with chives and topped with a tomato confit.   Unexpected but delicious!   Definitely big enough portion to be shared by at least a couple of people (or a delicious entree with the addition of a side dish).  They were definitely a “Thumbs Up!” choice.

IMG_3478John’s Corn Beef Sausage left him with not quite so an enthusiastic reaction.   The “made here” piece of sausage seemed a small size for $9 but what was significantly daunting was that the sausage casing was so tough that it was almost impossible to bite off a piece.  (I gave up and started using my fork and knife to cut off bite size pieces – but even that didn’t prove simple; it left me wondering if I just had the bad luck to get one that was particularly difficult to eat but also suggested that no one in the kitchen had actually tried eating one of these creations.   The “hand cut” potato fries were very good (but the cute presentation with the fries in a wire basket lined with paper got in the way and just took up way too much room.  I ended up dumping the fries on my plate and putting the container on the side.

IMG_3479Tom thought his shrimp salad sandwich was great  It contained big pieces of shrimp.  He asked for (and quickly got!) some extra “Old Bay” seasoning to spice it up a bit though.   His sweet potato fries were really excellent as well (At many other places around town, opting for sweet potato fries would cost you a couple of bucks extra – not at “In Like Flynn”!)


Martin’s “Fish & Chips” was good – the two pieces of cod were chunky and definitely didn’t look like they came out of a freezer and the large portion of “made here” cole slaw looked tasty.   Yet – for $17 – the portion of fish looked small.

IMG_3481Our server was particularly warm and friendly and had us feeling really welcome.   She kept a watchful eye on us and things went smoothly.   We were feeling full and satisfied and confess that we didn’t even ask about desserts!


Portrait of a Roseanne look-alike getting a tattoo hanging on wall of the men’s room


There’s a lot to like about “In Like Flynn”.   Like many a brand new place, it may be taking a bit to work out initial rough edges but our guess is that it will quickly become a popular addition to Locust Point.

FACTS:   In Like Flynn Tavern;  Locust Point;   1371 Andre Street (within a short walk from Silo Point);  (667) 303-3681; No web page yet!;  Facebook: ; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; Full Bar; Limited Vegetarian options; on street parking (which can get increasingly hard to come by in Locust Point!)



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