REVIEW: Mid Atlantic Seafood – Bargain Priced, Classic Fish Fry

IMG_3234I’m glad that my buddy Jerry introduced me to Mid Atlantic Seafood in Laurel!   It’s part of a small local chain with three other locations (Hyattsville, Takoma Park, and New Carrolton).   It’s a a bright and cheerful place that specializes in seafood (but also serves up ribs, wings and BBQ chicken!);  Portions are HUGE and prices are amazingly reasonable for what you get for your money!   The inside is much nicer than you might expect from when you first park in front; there’s lots of granite topped tables on top of the red & white checkered floor with two sides of the quite large dining area taken up with displays of food.






IMG_3236In the left corner of the counters is where you go up to place your order and you are given an “number” identifying your order.  When your order is ready, staff to the far right of where you ordered will call your number and give you your meal.   Interestingly, all meals – whether you’re eating in or doing take out – come in styrofoam, compartmentalized containers.  (If you say you’re doing take out, you your containers are put in a plastic bag – otherwise you just get handed your containers!)

Prices are very reasonable and would qualify as bargains!   There are a dozen appetizers most under $8, entree salads ($8 with chicken, $9 with shrimp!), If you’re partial to a particular type of fish, you can specify what you want and whether you want your fish baked, fried, or grilled (prices range depending on type of fish from $8 to $16 for premium fish like Red Snapper or Mahi-Mahi and come with two sides) Mid Atlantic offers a slew of seafood combo platters – Jerry’s favorite is the 7 piece fried shrimp dinner (between the shrimp and the incredibly generous portions of side dishes, he confesses he can rarely finish it off; for the record two of his favorite sides at Mid Atlantic include the Asian style green beans and the chunks of red skinned potatoes.  Over half of the combos are in the $8-$10 range.

IMG_3242Jerry decided to go with a mix of four different side dishes (the side dishes are eye tempting and lip smacking good!  Once you’ve gotten a look at them, you’ll understand why making a meal out of the Mid Altantic side dishes isn’t a strange idea at all!

IMG_3241John opted for a $10 seafood combo with fried fish, 2 shrimp and 2 oysters and tried the Asian style string beans along with with Brussels sprouts casserole.   When he picked up his food, he was shocked a tad at how heavy it was!

IMG_3240John had to try some of the special mumbo (hot and spicy) sauce on his fish and is now a big fan of mumbo!   Tom got a combination of the beef ribs and some fish along with two sides.  He was a bit wowed when he open up his container and saw sheer magnitude of three chunky ribs plus a piece of filet fish!


With the amount of food that we had, there was no room for dessert BUT if there had been, well, there’s an amazing selection to pick from including “made here” pies, cakes and even fresh fruit (like watermelon and strawberries) and most costing between $3  – $4.

The staff is helpful and attentive.   The food is good, the portions are generous and the prices very reasonable!   It’s easy to see why Mid Atlantic Seafood has become a popular restaurant in Laurel!

FACTS:   Mid Atlantic Seafood ;  Laurel;  13718 Baltimore Ave (aka Route 1); (301) 776-0805; ; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; open to 10 pm on Fri/Sat; large adjacent parking lot; no alcohol; vegetarian options

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