UPDATE: Patio at “Tavern on the Hill” is Open!

IMG_3257In addition to a few sidewalk tables along Cathedral Street in front of “Tavern on the Hill”, there’s a large gated, quiet patio behind “Tavern on the Hill” which just open up for the summer!   It’s secluded with tall cast iron fencing blocking it off from casual passer-bys on Read Street and unexpectedly tall trees shade the large patio.

Being on the patio, we felt like we had been transported somewhere out of Baltimore!

Food and service at Tavern on the Hill remains good and has turned us into regulars!




IMG_3264The food and service at Tavern on the Hill remain very good and the prices for what you get are very reasonable.

IMG_3260Fred & John enjoyed the “Fish & Chips” ($14 – tasty but not greasy!) with a generous four pieces of fish.





IMG_3259Bill was the star of the table when his Eggs-plosion Burger ($12 – featuring a sunny side up egg on top of his burger) arrived at the table!





IMG_3261Marty and Bob both enjoyed a Cajun Tuna sandwich ($12) which had an entree sized thick piece of spicy grilled tuna!





IMG_3262Bernie enjoyed his crab cake sandwich ($12) and gave it a “Thumbs Up!”




FACTS:  Tavern on the Hill ;   Mt. Vernon;  900 Cathedral Street; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; Open til 2 am on Fri and Sat; On street parking only;  http://www.tavernonthehillmtvernon.com


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