REVIEW: Olde Philadelphia Inn – Olde is Nice!

IMG_3244The Olde Philadelphia Inn in Rosedale has been around for 25+ years and its current motto is “Where everything olde is new again…”  Tucked away in the corner of a strip of stores off of Philadelphia Road where the MARS supermarket is most noticeable occupant,  OPI (OPI is the local’s nickname for the Olde Philadelphia Inn) is more popular than you might anticipate with a interior that is way more attractive and much bigger than you’d ever expect judging from what you can see from the large parking lot.  Inside, There’s a handsome bar with an adjacent lounge with over 10 tables and  a large dining room with over 20 tables and if that wasn’t enough, there are two large rooms for private functions.  The space is handsome with blond wood paneling with darker wood moldings, lots of beveled glass  and wall-to-wall carpeting.



Crab Pretzel

OPI’s has a large menu which comes along with a printed sheet of weekly specials.   You’ll find a diverse listing of over 24 appetizers ($6 – $12) which includes a crab pretzel ($10 – which OPI’s claims to have invented!), crispy jalopeno ravioli ($5), 6 variations of chicken wings (9 for $9) or even Asian style pork dumplings (6 for $7)   There are a variety of entree salads (most $10), “made here” soups (including two types of Maryland Crab – $5), 6 differently topped burgers (most $7-$8) and lots of sandwiches ($8 – $12); the sandwiches and burgers include your choice of fries, potato salad, cole slaw or potato chips.  There’s your choice of a dozen casseroles, “baskets” and platters (most $8-$10 including fried shrimp basket ($8), Shepherd’s Pie ($9) or Fried Haddock ($10))  If you’re hungry and got the money, there’s a dozen beef and crab dishes ranging from Crab Imperial ($15) to a Seafood Platter or the Two Crab Cake Platter for $25.

Some noteworthy daily bargains include 1/2 priced burgers on Monday evenings and a single crab cake with one side on Wednesdays for $10!

All of the choices didn’t make a decision easy but Paul decided on the Bacon Mesquite Burger ($8), John went with the Sweet Chili Shrimp Salad $10), and Tom took advantage of a special when the O’s are playing – a hot dog topped with crab imperial, a soft pretzel and a beer!

IMG_3247In addition to the Thai sweet chili sauce on the shrimp, John opted for an unusual Cucumber Wasabi dressing for his salad that packed a punch.   The salad arrived with well over a dozen decent size shrimp on top of a bed of fresh greens highlighted with slices of black olive and some cherry tomatoes.  The salad was excellent and got a “Thumbs Up!” from John.


IMG_3248Paul’s burger was SO good that he had gobbled down half of it before I could snap a photo – but I’d take that as proof of his high praise!  (Yup he finished off the burger and the red skin potato salad and there wasn’t much but crumbs left on his plate when he finished! <Wink>



IMG_3249Tom must have been SUPER REALLY HUNGRY because he polished off his creamy crab topped hot dog there’s no evidence of what it looked like or how good he thought it was other than remains of his pretzel that he enjoyed with his beer!



Service was good – the busy young guy who was our waiter was friendly and attentive and got our water glasses refilled and even offered us separate checks!  We couldn’t have asked for more! (Well, maybe Paul could of…   He was ready to polish off some dessert and probably would have if it hadn’t polished off a piece of pie and ligonberry soda at IKEA mid-afternoon!!)     Olde Philadelphia Inn is easy to like with pleasant dining rooms, attentive friendly service and decent size portions of good food at mostly quite reasonable prices!   It’s totally understandable that they have a crowd of local regulars who are big fans!

FACTS:  Olde Philadelphia Inn;  Rosedale; 9510 Philadelphia Road; (410) 687-5757; ; open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; full bar; vegetarian options; lots of adjacent free parking.


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