REVIEW: Dimitri’s International Grille – 50 and still improving

IMG_3081I hadn’t eaten at Dimitri’s in years.  Why?  Maybe a recollection of the food there being good but too pricey had kept me away.  My friend Tom had the same idea in his head and one Wednesday, we decided to check out the Dimitri’s lounge/”sports bar” and see what the menu was currently like.

Some flags hanging out in front celebrate that Dimitri’s has now been around for over 50 years since it first opened back in 1962!  (It is still owned and operated by the family of the founders!)

We’re surprised to find the lounge pretty packed and were lucky to get a booth that had just been cleaned off.  It was a pleasant space with a mix of tables and booths and some very colorful sports-themed murals.


We checked out the menu and a good number of entrees fell in the DiningOUT “Expensive” category (between $15 and $25 for just an entree).  A new angle though is that many of these have a half size portion at significantly less cost (e.g., Dimitri’s highly touted Sour Beef & Dumplings is $19 for a “full” portion but $12 for the “half” portion).   What really caught our eye though was the menu included a dozen sandwiches (most $9 – $11) which include your choice of sides (e.g., Fries, Baked Potato, Spinach & Garlic, Rice Pilaf, Broccoli, etc.) as well as “small plates” and flatbreads ($8-$11) as well as ten more traditional Greek-style appetizers ($8-$10 and including the dramatic table-side flaming Saganaki !)


We decided to start by sharing a Greek Flat Bread ($8); it turned out to be pretty darn delicious with a mix of diced tomator, black olives, feta, spinach and hummus and it got a “Thumbs Up!” from both of us.  (FYI – it also was a great size for two people to share!)

IMG_3078For our main course, we both decided to go with Dimitri’s gyro sandwiches ($10) and we both picked fries as our side.   The gyro’s were good; the meat was thinly sliced (more so than either of us are used to but the sandwich was excellent regardless)  The fries had a crispy coating on them and arrived hot and very delicious!

An interesting factoid is that on their web page, Dimitri himself claims to have invented and patented a Gyro meat special rotisserie and to have sold a million of them!

Tom was intrigued by the waitress’ mention of “made here” rice pudding ($6) so we shared a serving of it.   It was warm and creamy and satisfying with a dash of cinnamon on top.

We enjoyed our meal and we were delighted to discover that, contrary to what we suspected, Dimitri’s has a good number of  moderately priced options.  Service was good (though a tad slow – our waitress told us that they had been unexpectedly swamped with business on this particular Wednesday night).   The next time that we’re looking for a place to eat in Catonsville, Dimitri’s is going to be one of our top options!

FACTS:  Dimitri’s International Grille;   Catonsville; 2205 Frederick Road;  410.747.1927;  ; Closed Mondays; Open for lunch and dinner Tues – Sat; vegetarian and gluten-free options;  Full Bar; adjacent free parking on both sides of the restaurant.  

DiningOUT suggestion:  If it’s daylight out and you’re feeling in the mood for an adventure, drive down adjacent Thistle Road.  It will take you down a curvy hill through dense woods and the occasional house that will leave you feeling like you’re 50 miles outside of Baltimore!  At the bottom of the hill, you’ll be along the Patapsco River and you can either turn right – which a mile plus down the road will bring you back to Frederick Road or you can turn left.  Depending on your choices, you’ll end up traveling over some incredible roads and end up Rte 103 on the edge of Columbia!



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