REVIEW: Flying Avocado – Healthy in Owings Mills

indexThis small casual café with about a dozen tables is part of an alternative health complex but the emphasis is on serving up really scrumptious, eye-appealing healthy food.  What’s the origin of the name?  Well the story goes…

“Brian Sanderoff and Kathleen Miller were making lunch together. As they chopped the fruits and vegetables they were discussing a dream to one day have a cafe where people could find healthy food that tastes great. As they were brainstorming on what the cafe would be called Brian took a hard chop at the avocado. In a synchronous turn of events, the blade caught the pit of the avocado at just the right angle and the Avocado went flying. Instantly they turned to each other and in unison exclaimed, “Let’s call it The Flying Avocado”. Critics said, “Yeah right…health food will taste good when avocados fly.” 

fa_interiorThe menu is interesting with emphasis on natural foods which includes a mix of carnivore, vegetarian and limited vegan options.   A large variety of salads range from $10 to $14;  Wraps and sandwiches range from $10 to $11.    I’m a big fan of the Grilled Chicken Berry Salad, Southwestern Salad and vegetarian Rainbow Salad (All $10). The Hummus Platter – home made which comes with fresh veggies and fresh pita – makes a great quick meal too.  Favorites include the Blackened Chicken w/Brie sandwich and the Avocado Black Bean Burger Wrap. A bowl of the Vegetarian Chile ($6) is delicious too (and is a meal unto itself!)

The drill is that you order at the counter from the friendly staff, they hand you a card with a number, you pick a table and they bring the food to you.  The counter staff are knowledgeable about the food and both patient and helpful in responding to any questions.

I had lunch at Flying Avocado on Saturday, June 14th and had the Rainbow Salad ($10);   With pieces of candied walnuts dried cranberries as well as fresh raspberries, blueberries, orange and strawberries and fresh organic greens, it was every bit as good as I remembered.

IMG_3048My friend Paul had a Lamb & Feta wrap ($10) which included some field greens and pieces of roasted potato.   It came with tortilla chips and “made here” salsa; he really enjoyed it and gave his wrap a “Thumbs Up!”


Tom had the Grilled Chicken Macadamia Wrap ($10) with chicken breast, mandarin orange, macadamia nuts, Chinese noodles, field greens and a honey-balsamic vinaigrette.   Tom looked like a might happy camper too! 

FACTS:  Flying Avocado  –  10210 S. Dolfield Rd, Owings Mills;; 443-471.2600; open 7 am – 7 pm Mon to Fri; 9 am – 5 pm on Sat; Closed Sunday; no liquor; lots of vegetarian options as well as food for carnivores; no alcohol; adjacent free parking lot; Last DIningOUT visit: 6/14/2014

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