REVIEW UPDATE: Sunshine Grille – Just gets better & better

Visiting the Sunshine Grille in early June/2014 left us assured that that the drive out on Harford Road way beyond the Beltway to the little unincorporated community of Fork, Maryland was well worth it!  We were surprised to find that the totally open outdoor patio had been roofed over and partially enclosed turning it into a three season additional dining space.  The main dining room looks like it was touched up and looks even nicer.than it did the last time we ate here.

IMG_2973Deciding what to order off of the large menu is never easy, but we finally reached a decision to start by having the three of us share a bowl of mussels ($10).  The portion was easily generous enough for three of us to share and the mussels stood out attractively against the large rust colored ceramic plate.   We were surprised and delighted by four slices of bread around the mussels that were topped with garlic and butter and still hot from grill.  The actual mussels themselves were much larger than we’ve had elsewhere in the past year.    What proved to be even more of a surprise was the broth that the mussels had been cooked in!  With lots of capers and cloves of fresh garlic, the taste of the broth was awesomely good.   We found ourselves sopping up the broth with the bread (or even using the mussel shells as spoons); when we asked our handsome college age waiter for more bread, he brought us more of the specially topped bread which were also toasty warm (and to our later delight – at no extra charge!).  The mussels are a definite “Thumbs Up!” and among the best that we’ve had in a long time.


Mussels with several mussels and two pieces of bread already devoured!

For our main course, John decided to go with the Gyro Platter ($9.99).   If you’re expecting the typical gyro in a pita cornucopia wrapped in foil, you’ll be in for a surprise.  The Gyro Platter at Sunshine Grille comes with a huge pile of the special lamb meat cut freshly off the spit with a cup of unusually thick Tzatziki sauce , a pile of cut up pita bread, a small Greek salad  and steak fries.  The portion was so generous (like many entrees at Sunshine Grille) that John ended up taking home enough pita, gyro meat and Tzatziki to make a nice lunch the next day!

IMG_2976Tom’s choice of the roasted chicken sure did look like a bargain for just $9.99!   His half a chicken came with his choice of two sides (he opted for corn and brocolli) and made for one substantial meal for a very hungry guy!    The chicken proved nicely roasted just right and not dried out and the veggies tasted fresh.  (Sunshine Grille makes a point of taking advantage of all of farms located between Baltimore and Bel Air to locally source a lot of the food in the kitchen)   Tom also throws in a big recommendation for the “Tank 7” beer that he tried and enjoyed with his meal!

IMG_2975Our friend Paul had the lamb souvlaki wrap ($6.99); it was full of chunks of nicely cooked lamp and he really enjoyed it (it made for a quite the meal all by itself without any sides)

IMG_2977Filled as we were…   A tad of dessert seemed to be a good thing and Tom (filled with some dessert lust) went over to the large dessert case and decided that a Kataifi ($4.99) was just the thing for the three of us to share.  A Kataifi is a  Greek pastry – one of many Greek specialties that you’ll find at the Sunshine Grille.   (I confess that when it arrived at the table, I wondered why Tom had picked a large chunk of shredded wheat for dessert.  It turned out to have a wonderful nutty filling and was quite delicious!

IMG_2011The Sunshine Grille has a pleasant dining room with lots of well trained young men providing excellent service and reasonably price large portions of some very good food – all of which contributes to making the trip out to Fork quite worthwhile!


FACTS:  The Sunshine Grill is located at 12607 Fork Road in Fork, Maryland.   It’s open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It has a full liquor license plus an interesting selection of beers.  There’s a big adjacent parking lot.  It’s also out in the “country” and the kitchen is typically shutting down by around 9 pm so don’t show up too late!

SUGGESTION:  Be sure to make the drive out to Sunshine Grille in the daytime and when you’re not in a rush.  Harford Road very quickly turns into a twisty, turning, hilly road with delightful country views once you get a mile or so north of the Baltimore Beltway.   You’ll find roadside farm stands where you can get fresh produce.that are definitely worth stopping at (and maybe making some purchases!)


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