Review: Tavern on the Hill gets a Thumbs-Up from us!

“Tavern on the Hill” opened in July, 2013 and is open 7 days a week offering breakfast, lunch and dinner.  (Walk up Charles Street from Center Street to the Washington Monument and you’ll figure out what the name refers to!)   Taking over the former Howard’s Deli location, the pleasant casual interior with a bar is a convenient quick walk from many of the Mt. Vernon bars and theaters.   The casual big windows facing Cathedral Street offer people watching opportunities and on nice warmer days, you can eat under the sky on the large patio out in back.


In addition to serving breakfast all day long (a full menu page with most $4-$6), there are reasonable priced “tavern food” options as well as larger entrees including lots of starters ($5-$9), six entrée salads ($7-$10), a half dozen “hot dog” variations ($7), a dozen burgers ($8-$11), a multitude of sandwiches ($9-$11), and a dozen entrees ($10-$16).


We’ve eaten here with friends several times and been pleased with the food.  We found out that the “too hot” wings starter may not be really too hot (but they left our tongues tingling!) 


John particularly likes the “Tavern Salad” (aka a “chef salad”) and the Taco Salad (both $9).  Marty likes the burgers and is a big fan of the “made here” fries (though some of our friends would prefer more “fast food” type fries).  Marty likes having breakfast food options in the evening;  His veggie omelet ($6) really was packed with fresh veggies (a little watery as a result but still good) and it came with toast and fries. Our newly married buddies Jim and Rich gave a “Thumbs Up!” to the thick meaty burgers (which come served with hand-cut fries)   Other friends like Tom, Bill and Bob tried and enjoyed the “Three’s Company” special sandwich with its combo of Turkey, corned beef and roast beef with thousand island dressing and fries.  Our friend Fred like his Reuben sandwich while his partner Bernie obviously enjoyed the open face hot roast beef sandwich with mashed potatoes (though he wished it was more swimming in gravy!).   


The “Fish & Chips” has earned compliments from Bernie who was pleased that it was tasty without being greasy.


When it comes to dessert, Marty’s a fan of the Almond Cake but John’s opts for the “Vesuvius” cake with a mix – Oh heavenly days! – of cheese cake, chocolate mousse and chocolate fudge (both were $5 and our only complaint was that we wished the portions were twice as big!)


“Tavern on the Hill” has matured quickly in the few months it has been open and has a lot going for it.   (Why gee, it reminds us of how the City Cafe used to be before it got so upscale and pricey… <Smile>).   There are a lot of reasonably priced, good food options to pick from.  

There are week night specials:


The owners always seem to be there and are actively involved in making sure customers are happy (and after just two visits greet us with “Welcome back” and warm smiles). The staff is attentive and friendly.  It participated in “Dining Out for Life” benefit for Moveable Feast.    “Tavern on the Hill” promises “Good Eats, Good Times” and it delivers on both counts.

thumbs-UP (2)

FACTS?  Tavern on the Hill, 900 Cathedral St.; 410-230-5400; Breakfast/Lunch/DInner 7 days a week; Full Bar; On-street parking; Vegetarian Options; Gay Friendly; “Dining Out for Life” participant; ; / Visited September 9, 2013

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