REVIEW: Stained Glass Pub – Hidden Gem Worth Finding

I found out about the “Stained Glass Pub” in Elkridge because I had the luck to have a friend tell me about it and give it a good recommendation.   The Stained Glass Pub is tucked away next to a “Great Western’ motel less than a 1/2 of a mile from Route 1 or an on-ramp to Route 100 where most people would never, ever casually drive past or stumble upon it (Actually, not all that difficult to find once you use internet directions to tell you where to turn off of Route 1 ! <Wink>)

IMG_2773Inside, it’s a bigger space than you might guess at first with four pleasant dining rooms and a large lounge.    Since the Stained Glass Pub positions itself as a sports bar, there are flat screen tv’s for most every line of sight.   The rest rooms and (Surprise!) a banquet room are located downstairs  ( and Surprise!)  there’s an elevator to help you reach them if going up and down the stairs aren’t your thing.   While there are examples of actual stained glass, the partitions next to the booth where we were seated featured erstwhile plastic “stained glass”.  There’s also a small pleasant outdoor patio area with four tables if the weather allows.    

1402032_10152110257289238_2033741962_oThe menu provides a range of choices with over a dozen appetizers (including – Surprise! – Irish Nachos, an Asian Sampler, and chicken wings available with sweet and spicy pomegranate or sweet Thai chili sauces (most $7 – $10).   For main courses, you’ll find a handful of entree salads (reasonably priced $8-$11), pizza (“We make our own dough, we make our own sauce, we grate our own cheese”; available in small, medium and large sizing with an array of toppings), eight varieties of 1/2 lb. Burgers (“never frozen meat”, includes “made here” fries and priced $8 – $10), 20 sandwiches (most $8 – $12 and includes chips and a slice of pickle) and 10 entrees ($11 – $20)

A menu with this range didn’t make for easy decisions!   We were taken by the presence of wings with pomegranate sauce (not something you come across every day!) and decided to share an order of 1 lb. of wings ($8.99 – we opted for Blue Cheese dressing to go with ’em) among the three of us.   I decided on the Italian Chop Salad ($10),  my buddy Tom decided on Lasanga ($12) from the Entree menu options and our friend Paul opted for a “Black & Blue Burger” ($9).

IMG_2774There were 8 big wings to start with (unfortunately, they looked so good that the three of us each grabbed and started devouring a wing before I could snap this photo!).   The pomegranate sauce turned out to be good (we wished though that it had been thicker because it was so tasty that we wanted it to stick more to the wings!!!)   Definitely a thumbs-up!



IMG_2776John’s salad proved to be a winner!    A pile of fresh darker green Romaine was mixed with big pieces of fresh mozzarella cheese and provolone cheese, pieces of cappacolla ham, Genoa salami, diced tomato and red onion, and must have been a dozen Kalamata olives all tossed in a creamy “made here” Italian dressing.  Mmm, Mmm, Good!

IMG_2775Tom’s Lasagna was rich and dense with melted cheese and a hearty “made here” tomato sauce (not to mention the two pieces of garlic bread!)   It proved more than a hungry Tom could finish off! 





IMG_2777Paul’s Black & Blue burger made a hit with him.  The big 1/2 lb burger arrived covered with melted cheese and with a pile of special fries with a crunchy coating (oh yeah, and a slice of pickle to go with it!)





Between the wings appetizer and our main courses, none of us had any room left for dessert!  Service was excellent – our friendly waitress kept an eye on us (as well as our drinks re-filled.   Hot food arrived hot and cold food arrived cold (and without much wait for either!)

FACTS:  Stained Glass Pub – Elkridge – 6751 Dorsey Rd; (410) 796-4345 ;  ;  Full Bar; Limited Vegetarian Options; Adjacent free parking lot; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner;  (FYI – There’s another location in Silver Spring)



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