FYI – Food Trucks in Catonsville

Visiting a somewhat unusual Artstravaganza event featuring “Artists and Food Truck”  in Catonsville (held in the large parking lot in front of Peace a Pizza off of Mellor Avenue), I saw a number of food trucks from vendors that I didn’t know existed!   Living and working in the burbs, I don’t have a lot of experience with food trucks.   After the fact, I learned that they commonly use twitter or facebook (instead of a traditional web site) to communicate with their customers where they might be.

IMG_2690Sexy Vegie offers vegan, vegetarian and gluten free eats, filling the void for delicious, accessible, healthy fare in the Baltimore Metropolitan area.













IMG_2693The Sultan Tandoor food truck serves fresh authentic Indian cuisine and features a clay tandoori oven – right in their truck!!!  – to bake fresh naan for its customers.






IMG_2694“Greek on the Street” specializes in classic Greek food







IMG_2691The Cruisin’ Cafe    serves a variety of grilled sandwiches, subs, burgers, wraps, salads & more in Baltimore City, Baltimore & Harford County.






IMG_2696The Smoking Swine  asserts that they are food loving students of the old school that are determined to resurrect traditional, no-nonsense BBQ before the people who have “put their own spin on it” ensure we lose the art forever.














IMG_2692The Great Cookie features…   Cookies!









IMG_2700In addition to their restaurant downtown, Heavy Seas has a food truck dispensing “Heavy Seas” ales and beers!







The entrance for IMG_2699Peace A Pizza even though it isn’t a food truck but a brick and concrete restaurant got my attention regardless with their front door “Sorry, We’re Open” message!



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