REVIEW: The Dizz – Forever the same, forever changing

home_page_photo_summerA bit amazing to think about, “The Dizz” in Remington is approaching 25 years old.   Starting as Buckley’s back in 1990, then transformed into Dizzy Issie’s in 1997 (named after a one time chef, Isabel, whose nick name was “Issie”) then recreating itself as “The Dizz” in 2008. (Allegedly, Elaine claims that Duff Goldman and his crew from Charm City Cakes across the street were responsible for calling her place “The Dizz)   Along the way, “The Dizz” was the “mother” to the dearly departed, short-lived “Dizz Grandview” in Hampden and the “Dizz on top of the ridiculously long flight of stairs above Central Station” in Mt. Vernon. Like Elaine Stevens (who promotes “The Dizz” as “Baltimore in a Bar”), “The Dizz” takes a licking and keeps on ticking and somehow manages to perversely provide the feeling of staying the same while forever changing.



Elaine checking in to see how two customers are doing

The entrance at the corner of 30th and Remington Avenue leads into the bar which takes up half of the first floor. (The two iconic barber chairs that used to sit across from the bar are reported to have been lost in a warehouse fire when they were in storage while “The Dizz” was going through an upgrade).   Up a couple of steps, is the original small dining room with about 8 tables.   The ceiling of the dining room is covered in a cloud of tiny multi-colored xmas lights.  


IMG_2596In one corner is a revolving, lit refrigerated cake stand; on the walls are a mishmash of images and paintings (curiously mostly of celebrities who are long gone including Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jackson, Lucille Ball, and Elvis Presley (in his tighty whities getting examined on the eve of entering the service).   There’s also a sketch of a vaguely “Hon” type with a cigar that we couldn’t place (we asked our waiter – with a remarkably small  28” waist – who the “Hon” was; with a smirk, he said it might be a much younger Elaine. Maybe?? )

In one corner of the dining room, there are stairs up to a second floor dining room with another dozen tables under another cloud of tiny, multi-colored xmas lights. 


The menu stretches four pages and offers a dozen appetizers ($6-$12), soups (a cup of Maryland Crab and Cream of Crab is $5), steamed mussels ($11), fifteen-plus $8-$9 & come with chips and pickle; fries are an extra $1.50). A half dozen Entrée salads ranged from a nicely price $9 chef salad to eyebrow raising $18 blackened tuna and $19 beef with shrimp salads.    

IMG_2602We started by sharing 10 Buffalo wings ($9); they were meaty and good with a cup of blue cheese dip and some celery sticks. We liked and recommend them!



Black & Blue Grilled Chicken

For our main course, I decided on the “Black & Blue Grilled Chicken” sandwich ($8) and anted up the $1.50 extra for fries. It arrived with some chunks of blue cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato. The fries were chunky steak fries (which while they arrived hot still could have benefited from staying a bit longer in the fryer).   The sandwich was really good and I enjoyed it!


Cancun Burger

Tom opted for the Cancun Burger ($8) with a rub of cancun spices (?), provolone cheese and bacon.  He splurged too and paid the $1.50 extra for the fries.  He was pleased that the burger arrived cooked as he ordered it and repeated a couple of times how good a burger it was.  (Why by golly, the kitchen even remembered to give him the raw onion that he asked for!)


Roast Beef on Rye with melted provolone


Our friend Paul ordered the Roast Beef with melted provolone cheese with sliced tomato, onion & Dijon horseradish on grilled rye.  (Why Paul liked it so much that he had eaten half his sandwich before I could take a photo of it ! <Wink>)    He was particularly a happy camper and kept repeating how glad he was that he had ordered it and how good it was.  (I infer that’s a decided “Thumbs Up!” rating from Paul!)

IMG_2592Being seated next to the revolving dessert case can be a liability. Tom was faced with more temptation than he could resist and a piece of red velvet cake recommended by our waiter with three forks showed up on our table. While tasty, the cake had been in the revolving show case perhaps a day or two past its prime (In Tom’s terminology, “a bit stale” – which goes to show that maybe taking the advice of a 28” inch waisted waiter may have its pitfalls)


Tom and Paul who have been dropping by “The Dizz” on and off for years really liked their sandwiches and commented on how the food always seems reliably good.  

John like what he ate too but he’s got too good a memory sometimes and he found himself comparing memories of the old days at Dizzy Issie’s when the menu included a LONG page of hand written specials and Elaine flipped up her apron in order to show off  that she was wearing a strap on dildo underneath the apron.   The current Dizz seems a bit staid and gentrified by comparison to memories like that (but weren’t we all less staid and gentrified 20+ years ago??? <Wink>)

thumbs-UP (2)FACTS:  The DizzRemington; 300 W. 30th Street (corner of 30th and Remington) 443-869-5864; ; Open 7 days/week; lunch& dinner from 10 am to after midnight; Open at 8 am for breakfast on Sunday only; full bar; veggie options; On-street parking.


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