EVENT: The PEEPshow!

Just a week ago, I was telling a older friend about the incredible PeepShow in Westminster and he gave me a very strange look.   After I explained that was a show of sculptures, dioramas, posters and movies featuring the Easter time classic marshmallow candy, “Peeps”, he breathes a sigh of relief, smiled and educated me about what “Peep Show” meant when he was a young man! <Wink>

What?   You’ve never seen  (or eaten…) a Peep??  Well around Easter, they come in many varieties and are made by the “Just Born” company based out of Bethleham, PA.

The PEEPshow which runs through April 21, 2014 (open from 11 am to 7 pm daily)  and features FREE admission is home to around 200+ creations made with the PEEPS candy.

Here’s some examples of this year’s creations:

Click to View Full-Screen Image

.Click to View Full-Screen Image


Click to View Full-Screen Image    Click to View Full-Screen Image



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