REVIEW: Towson Diner – I’m looking at this diner with “new eyes”!












I ate at the Towson Diner for the first time in several years.  I confess that my last dining experience there involved a way overpriced, too small portion entree salad which left me – figuratively at least! – with a bad taste in my mouth.  I was a bit surprised when my friend suggested that we eat there.    The Towson Diner is 15+ years old but tries to recreate the retro feel of a 1950’s diner abundant chrome plated metal and lots of neon. 

IMG_2520Inside, there a mix of booths and tables plus a counter that you can eat at and a glass fronted dessert case. We were greeted and seated promptly in a comfortable booth with a view through the blinds of the bold neon Towson Diner signage.  A very friendly, perky young woman brought us water while she give us a chance to take in the big menu (as well as the seemingly classic place mat full of advertising!)







We shared Fried Onions and Fried Calamari as appetizers and gave a Thumbs Up! to both!



It wasn’t easy coming to a decision on what to order but we finally did!   I decided on a grilled chicken sandwich ($6) which included a cup of soup (I opted for clam chowder); my buddy Tom opted for a scrambled egg sandwich with melted cheese for $4 and our friend Paul went for the gyro platter with sides of fries and a greek salad ($10).












While soup was good (but could have been served hotter), the sandwich was a surprise and a half!   The huge piece of flattened, grilled chicken breast spilled over all the side of the bun (barely leaving room for the small cup of cole slaw and a slice  of pickle or the small cup of mayo that our thoughtful waitress had put on the side.  Even better, it had some seasoning on it (a touch of Old Bay?) that left an interesting, pleasant buzz. Mmmmm!   The cole slaw left me wanting more and the slice of pickle made for a nice taste and texture contrast.   This sandwich defintely earned a “Thumbs Up!” and would be something that I would recommend and want to order again for myself!











Tom’s sandwich didn’t exactly fill his plate (but then a for a $4 lite bite to eat, there was plenty of melted american cheese and the bread was nicely toasted.











The plate that stole the show though was the Gyro platter where the large plate was overflowing between the gyro, a pile of fries and an even bigger Greek side (the salad was tasty with half a dozen chunks of feta, black olives, sliced onion and tomato with an unexpected honey mustard type dressing that worked really well)   The gyro was dripping tzatziki sauce but that’s almost to be expected with a gyro (while Tom and I selflessly volunteered to help Paul eat his fries!)   This gyro was a meal and a half!  <Wink>


Our Friend Bernie tried the Greek Spinach Pie platter ($10); It proved to be as impressive as the Gyro platter (and Bernie really like it – and would recommend it!)


Our meal left us so full and satisfied (perhaps a little delirious?) that we passed on the temptations of the dessert case.  But by this point, I had a whole different perspective on the Towson Diner.  What’s not to like???  Next time I’m in the area and looking to get something to eat, the Towson Diner will be on my list of places to consider and come back to!

thumbs-UP (2)FACTS:   Towson Diner, 718 York Rd, Towson, MD 21204; (410) 321-0407; (Disappointingly, the web site does not include an online copy of the menu!); breakfast items served all day; vegetarian options; full bar; open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; adjacent free parking lot surrounding the diner.


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