Update: Mt. Vernon Stables – New Menu, Slightly Higher Prices, Still good grub!

We were surprised to find a new menu (and slightly higher prices! <Sigh>) at one of our “Thumbs Up !” favorites, the Mt. Vernon Stable.   But still,  how many restaurants have King Tut hanging from the ceiling? (and equally important, how many places have a 1/2 price full rack of Ribs on Mondays???)



The Monday Night full rack of ribs without sides (aka “JUST THE MEAT!”)  is still a delicious bargain at $8 (but went up a $1 from the previous price of $7)    You can order them with the house standard sauce or a cajun spicy sauce and they’re still mighty good specially when you get them at the Monday Night bargain pricing!

$8 "Just the meat" Ribs Special

$8 “Just the meat” Ribs Special

IMG_2480John, Marty, Frank and Bob had cups of our long time favorite, Crab and Corn chowder as an appetizer.  It is really a great tasting, spicy creamy creation of a soup and recommended!   We’re relieved that while the price for a cup is now $5 and a bowl portion is $6, the soup is still as  hearty, tasty and satisfying as it’s always been.  Whew! (FYI – John’s cup arrived at the table fuller than is shown in the photo!)

The stables is visually interesting with fireplaces left over from when the building was an impressive town house residence in fashionable Mt. Vernon.


Recently we sat in a corner with the head of someone surveying our merry group (we couldn’t figure out though if the sculpture was supposed to be Elvis or if it was based on how our buddy Marty looked when he was a “Nifty Fifties” swinger and man about Baltimore.)


Here’s another view of the new menu:


The “Stable” is still popular with a diverse customer base including a chunky percentage of gay and lesbian customers (and perhaps waiters and waitresses if Marty’s guess is right! <Wink>)


thumbs-UP (2)Facts:  Mt. Vernon Stable, Mt. Vernon, 909 N. Charles Street, (410) 685-7427, http://mvstable.com  ;  Vegetarian options; full bar; on-street parking.    (Last DiningOUT Visit: 04/07/2014)



Mt Vernon Stable on Urbanspoon

Mount Vernon Stable and Saloon on Urbanspoon


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