REVIEW: Harry’s Main Street Grill – Classic Westminter Restaurant




Despite looking fairly new and modern, Harry’s Main Street Grille has been around since 1946 in the middle of downtown Westminster as documented with engraved concrete signage next to the main entrance on Main Street.

Windows along the large kitchen face Main Street (and friendly young cooks gave us a smile and a wave when we took a closer look at what they were cooking up!)  

There is surprisingly examples of modern art scattered around along with a photo of the original Harry Amprazis and his wife featured on one wall of the main dining room









The 1999 renovations provided three large dining rooms which are bright and spicy (if sometimes quite loud and noisy) with a mix of mostly tables and a half dozen booths. 












The menu is 4 pages big (and I wish that I could find an online version of the menu to share!)   Harry’s menu is pretty reasonably priced with a wide selection of featured hot dogs (Yup, hot dogs! from $2 with no sides and up with sides and toppings), burgers (most $7 – $10 and come with “made here” fries, lettuce and tomato plus a couple slices of pickle), a half dozen entree salads ($8 – $12),  and lots of other possibilities!

IMG_2459Our long time Harry’s waitress was friendly and excellent giving us good advice on what to eat as well as keeping my Diet Coke glass refilled without me asking!.   The hot dogs were so touted on the menu that we decided to get one to share as an “appetizer” – Little did we suspect that for just $2 (with no sides), it would come with what seemed to be 2 cups of chopped onion on top!  (I’ve since stumbled across a rumor that the original Harry had a thing about not wanting to have sauerkraut on hot dogs and got around that  problem by offering to add it –  for $85 a hot dog!!!!!!!!!  Apparently, Harry didn’t get many takers for that deal!)

John tried the “Westminster Burger” ($9) which came with fries (allegedly made from scratch on site…) and topped with sauteed mushrooms and cheddar cheese with lettuce, tomato and red onion slices on the side (I get the idea that Harry liked onions! <Wink>).   This 1/2 pound sized burger made for a pretty dramatic presentation when it arrived! It made even more of an impression when John tried eating it (He decided that the fries – though salty – were SO good that he would forgo the burger roll and eat all the burger smothered in a heavy layer of mushrooms and lots of melted cheddar!




Our buddy Tom decided on a grilled chicken Pannini ($9); Commendably, when Tom asked about “healthy” sides, our waitress offered him some steamed brocolli which he took.   He enjoy his sandwich!


Our friend Paul opted for a Philly Cheese Steak Wrap and picked out potato salad as his side.    Paul was pretty happy with what he got as evidenced when he polished off everything on his plate (But thank goodness, he didn’t literally lick the plate clean before the waitress removed it!)


While our waitress rattled off a list of desserts (particularly doing a great marketing job for the bread pudding!), our sandwiches left us so filled up that we had to pass!

We were impressed with Harry’s food and service!  The dining room was pleasant (but perhaps our one concern was that the noise level in the main, high-ceiling dining room got darn noisy at times!)

FACTS:  Harry’s Main Street Grille, Westminster, 65 W. Main Street, (410) 848-7080,  Full Bar;  Closed Sundays; Open Monday to Saturday for breakfast, lunch and dinner from 8 am to 9 pm; no reservations; on street parking in front and parking lot in back (accessible from alley behind Main St.;  Facebook link only   (No online menu availablity we could identify)

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