Review: Indigma – a lunch time buffet adventure

Indigma – along with My Thai and a branch of Donna’s – ended up closed as a result of  a disastrous Mt. Vernon fire back in December of 2010 which burned down the building that all three were housed in.    Indigma has risen from those ashes and re-opened in the historic mansion across the street from their old location.  At lunchtime, Indigma offers its all-you-can-eat “Grand Lunch Buffet” ($10.95 on weekdays, $13.95 on weekends).  FYI – while there are other Indian/Nepalese lunch time buffets at a similar price within walking distance (Akbar, Kumari, Mughal Garden, and Lumbini), the interior of Indigma is perhaps the most striking and upscale.

IMG_2406Along with friends Marty and Maggie, we took advantage of the buffet for a lunch time get-together. The front dining rooms hosting the buffet are striking with deep fuschia colored walls, thick complex corner moldings framing the 12 foot high pink ceilings, large crystal chandeliers. 

IMG_2403During the day, huge tall windows offer views of Mt. Vernon and the Washington monument (FYI – though now hidden behind scaffolding while going through a significant renovation)

IMG_2405There’s a small bar off to one side of the foyer:

IMG_2396A large rear dining room is equally striking.

IMG_2397And large pieces of Asian art are scattered throughout the restaurant:

IMG_2398The Grand Lunch Time buffet was impressive with an incredibly good, spicy corn soup,  fried mushrooms, salads and condiments, 15 rice and entree selections with more than half offering clearly marked vegetarian and/or vegan options plus a dessert station with a creamy cherry custard and pieces of sweet watermelon.


IMG_2401Particularly for a buffet, service was exceptional.  Our water glasses were routinely filled, we were provided more Indian naan bread quickly when we asked for some more.  The manager routinely walked around the dining rooms insuring that all was well with the guests.

The buffet is not available in the evening and the evening menu is huge with enough offerings for a small book including 8 “small plates” and 4 soups ($5-$8), a dozen side dishes ($6-412), over 50 entrees (most between $12 and $20) and 10 vegetarian/vegan entrees ($12 – $16)

We enjoyed the luncheon buffet at Indigma and particularly were impressed by the physical beauty of the restaurant.  While not so glamorous though and lacking the “wow” factor of the views of Mt. Vernon Square, the luncheon buffets at AkbarKumari, Mughal Garden, and Lumbini   are all very good too and well worth exploring.

FACTS:  Indigma, Mt. Vernon,  801 N Charles St, (443) 449-6483,, full bar, vegetarian/vegan options, on-street parking, buffet only available at lunch.

Indigma Indian Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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