Review: My Thai – Re-born and as good as remembered

IMG_2310We were regulars at My Thai in Mt. Vernon before its building sadly burned down back in December of 2010.  When they re-opened in January of 2013 on Central Avenue at the far east side of Little Italy and blocks north of Harbor East, we confess wishing that they were back in Mt. Vernon.

IMG_2307The new My Thai feels is bigger and different from the former basement location.  The main dining room is narrow and big with tall ceilings with a row of tables along one wall and with a very long bar against the other wall (where you can drink and/or eat); there’s a big but undecorated and plain looking back dining room.

IMG_2364The menu is large yet terse (if unfamiliar with Thai cuisine, ask the friendly staff about the preparation is a good idea!).   We found a dozen appetizers ($6-$9), 6 soups ($5-$6/cup), and 6 salads ($4-$9).   There are 12 traditional noodle/rice dishes ($12-$15), 8 vegetarian entrees ($11), 5 curries (Mostly $12) and a mix of 12 entrées ($11-$17).


We’ve tried two appetizers:  Crispy Green Beans ($7) had a large portion of lightly battered green beans with a sweet black pepper dipping sauce that had us making “all gone” in record time.

3 yet to be devoured shrimp cakes!

3 yet to be devoured shrimp cakes!

Shrimp Cakes ($8) were a bit of a surprise; 6 fried golden brown balls were densely packed with minced shrimp served with a tangy sweet & sour sauce that made a great counterpoint.  Both earned our enthusiastic “Thumbs Up!”.

My Thai Soup

My Thai Soup

We were always great fans of the Mt. Vernon’s location soups and the two soups that we’ve tried were as “Thumbs-Up” worthy as we remembered.  Marty’s “My Thai” soup had a very spicy tomato/mushroom/lemongrass broth amazingly with the cup containing four mussels, two shrimp and pieces of calamari!

Tom Ka Gai soup

Tom Ka Gai soup

John’s Tom Ka Gai was a total contrast to the “My Thai” with a coconut, cilantro, lemon smooth and creamy soup with mushrooms and white meat chicken. Both memorable and both getting our “Thumbs Up!”.

Entrees have proved equally good. A traditional Pad Thai ($12) proved as good as we’ve had with a generous portion (easily shareable by two) of rice noodles, chicken, bean sprouts, peanuts and chives in a creamy tamarind sauce.  We tried a Papaya Salad ($6) as a side dish for our Pad Thai – we expected pieces of papaya but discovered instead a mound of thin shreds of green papaya in a spicy sauce  which was interesting but we’d probably try a different salad next time! 

Ka Pow

Ka Pow

Ka Pow ($12) was memorably good with chicken, basil, Thai peppers, carrots and broccoli in a spicy brown sauce and quick to earn a  “Thumbs Up!.

Panang curry
Panang curry

 Panang Curry ($12) with chicken in a creamy red curry sauce highlighted with Kaffir lime and Thai Veggies was another memorable entrée.

IMG_2370Surprisingly, we’ve had room for a shared dessert after our meals at My Thai!  We’ve sampled the Thai doughnuts ($6) which included 6 fried balls of dough with chocolate sauce.   Crispy Banana Rolls ($5) had Marty describing them as Spring Rolls stuffed with banana!  Four rolls were served in an old fashioned tall glass sundae dish with some vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce (and easily shared by two!)   Both desserts calmed our mouths after the ranges of flavors and spices that came before.

IMG_2362The re-born My Thai at its new location is definitely a winner with excellent food and attentive and its friendly servers is definitely a winner and  as good (or better!) than our memories of its prior Mt. Vernon incarnation.

 FACTS:  My Thai; Edge of Little Italy; 1300 Bank St; 410-327-0023;  ; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner; open til midnight on Fri/Sat; Full bar; Vegetarian options; on-street parking; FYI – The main entrances for My Thai is actually around the corner at 323 Central Avenue and not on Bank Street.  Interestingly, My Thai shares rest rooms with the adjacent Heavy Seas Pub!    (Last DiningOUT visit – 3/15/2014)

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