No Joke! Candle Light Inn is now the Candlelight Funeral Home

Back in January of 2014, we were sad to hear that the Candle Light Inn had closed.   Hearing rumors floating around that it was destined to become a funeral home, I made up a joke logo for the “Candle Light Funeral Home” and posted it here on the DiningOUT Blog.  (See the post from Jan 19th, 2014 below)  Well, gosh darn, who’d believe it but I drove past the Candle Light the other day and – lo and behold! – there’s a new sign in front of it for the Candle Light Funeral Home!  It’s for real!!!!  No Joke!

Candlelight Funeral Home


UPDATE!   The Candle Light Inn is CLOSED!


Truth be told, evenings at the Candle Light had become locked in a time gone by with quieter senior citizen patrons who felt comfortable with the expensive old fashioned approach to “fine dining”.

Lunch time had affordable delicious food and was more crowded than dinner (I often wondered driving past near by Matthew’s full parking lot barely a walk up Frederick Road, how would the Candle Light done if he had introduced a more casual approach with  more affordable evening menu and abandoned the fine dining hoopla)

I far more enjoyed the light fare menu in the lounge (or out in the gazebo during warmer months).    I’ll miss particularly “Crab Night” in the lounge on Wednesday when I could get a crab cake dinner for $15 (or sandwich for $10).   The short rib fries appetizer – a comparatively newer addition to the lounge menu – were memorable with pieces of short rib beef nestled in a hearty gravy over hot fries!  Yum!    I’ll also miss the staff in lounge area who were attentive and friendly and made you feel like regulars even if you weren’t.  (I hope that they all find good alternative jobs!  They’ll be a lucky find for other local restaurants)

Baltimore Business Journal Article on Closing


An article published in the Baltimore Sun on Tuesday, December 3rd, 2013 reports that Baltimore County Zoning commission has approved request for the iconic Catonsville restaurant to become a funeral home.,0,5593609.stor

I had dinner at the CandleLight Inn on Thursday, 12/19.  It’s (thanks goodness!) still open!  Word from our server is that the restaurant will be shutting down and it will be replaced by a funeral home but the exact date of when this will occur hasn’t been told to the staff.   Best guess is that the Candlelight Inn might be around thru early spring of 2014.  

In the meantime, I continue to enjoy the lounge and its affordable, good food!  I took advantage last evening of the Buffalo chicken wings (8 for $6) and then the Thursday evening lounge special – 6 oz steak with two sides ($11 and it came  with two sides  – I had a side salad and mixed veggies); the dinner was great!   I shared a special dessert, pumpkin doughnuts ($7) with a friend.   The four golf ball doughnuts came on a bed of sauteed chopped apple with caramel sauce and a big scoop of ice cream (The portion was big enough that I had a friend to share it with!)

== Original Entry posted on Nov 6th ======

An article in the Baltimore Sun on Wednesday, November 6th 2013 indicates that a local company is buying the Candle Light Inn, a long time reknown restaurant in Catonsville and is applying for a Baltimore County zoning variance to change it from a restaurant into a funeral home!


You can use the link below to access the full Baltimore Sun article:

The Candle Light Inn on Urbanspoon

The Candle Light Inn on Urbanspoon


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