Review: Glory Days Grill’s Monday $5.55 burgers

Glory Days Grill, a sports bar in Towson, offers a great bargain on their “Classic Burgers” on Mondays for $5.55 that’s worth knowing about.  The beauty of this Monday Night burger  bargain is the range of options that you can pick from to come up with a customized meal.

Blue Cheese and Onion Burger

To start with you can pick from, an “All American” plain burger, the “Cheeseburgerr trifecta” with three type of cheese, a swiss/mushroom/onion burger, a bacon & cheddar burger, a bleu cheese & grilled onion burger, a grilled buffalo chicken “burger”, a “Turkey” burger or a “Veggie” burger.

Depending on your druthers and at no extra charge, you substitute chicken, turkey or veggie burgers with any of the “combos” if you don’t want a beef burger.

And if that wasn’t enough, you get to pick  your choice of seasoned fries, creamy mashed potatoes, parsley redskin potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables or freshly prepared creamy coleslaw as a side dish. My buddy Marty and I are particularly fond of the parsley redskin potatoes but our friend Bill plays it even healthier with a side of fresh veggies.


Bacon Cheese Burger

Oh yeah, Glory Days throw in a slice of pickle too as well as lettuce, tomato and slice onion!

Be warned: soft drinks – though they come with unlimited refills – can add almost $3 to your tab.  (but ask for a lemon slice to go with some water and you keep your bill even with tax and tip to just $7)

Inside Glory Days, you’ll find a pleasant space with a mix of booths and tables, lots of sports paraphernalia, and more large flat screen TV’s than you can can count on the fingers of both of your hands!


Our experience is that the young college age servers are friendly, attentive and quick on their feet.

thumbs-UP (2)

Add all of that up and Glory Days Monday Burger $5.55 bargain gets a “Thumbs Up!” that keeps us coming back again and again!


FACTS:  Glory Days Grill; Towson; 1220 E. Joppa Rd; 443-901-0270; Open 7 days a week for lunch and dinner (11 am – 11 pm; til midnight on Fri/Sat); lots of adjacent free parking; full bar; vegetarian options; other regional locations in Glen Burnie, Eldersburg, & Bowie

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