Review: The Peppermill (Pssst! The Lounge Has The Bargains!)


The Peppermill is amazing institution – a warm, friendly club for a mostly “over 50”  folks tucked away at the bottom of a mid-rise office tower off of York Road just above the Beltway.    It has never lacked for an appreciative set of customers pretty much since it opened in 1982. While the its two large dining rooms with their more expensive and extensive menu are where most folks target for their meal, it’s worth knowing about the adjacent lounge with its mix of a large bar with TV’s, booths and tables in a casual country-club lounge atmosphere which offers a  special light fare (and light on the budget!) menu at both lunch and dinner time.  That light fare lounge menu offers some comparative bargains!

Recently, my friend Tom and I had dinner at the Peppermill starting by sharing an appetizer of chicken wings. We were surprised that for $7.95, we got a plate heaping with 10 good size spicy wings with some “kick” to them, half a dozen sticks of celery and a bowl of blue cheese dressing that had pieces of real blue cheese in the dressing. We’ve paid more for less elsewhere and not enjoyed as much as these.  And if that wasn’t enough, the busboy – probably the youngest person in the Peppermill – brought us a basket of hot fresh rolls and butter.


For our main course, Tom ordered the quiche ($8) and I “splurged” for the Chicken Parm ($10).   (Other $10 or under options in the Peppermill lounge include Meatloaf ($8), Catfish – broiled or blackened


Tom’s quiche proved to be a good size wedge of quiche which was heavy with cheese,bacon and onions and came with some big pieces of colorful melon.   Tom was impressed with the rich simplicity of the quiche and gave it a “Thumbs Up”

PepperMill_ChickParmJohn’s plate included a large fried chicken breast with tomato sauce and melted cheese on top plus a small side of spaghetti.  With his platter, he was offered one other side and he went with the special veggie of the evening, creamed spinach. The chicken itself was particularly good.

We’ve found a side benefit of the Peppermill is that bar drinks are affordable.   In the age of $10+ cocktails and glasses of wine, you can still get a small two glass bottle of Barefoot wines or a Manhattan cocktail for under $4.

Service is great – a regular on the weekend is long time waitress Cindy who is friendly and energetic regardless of which end of her 12 hour lunch and dinner shift you run into her!

If you’ve saved room for dessert, you’ll be surprised to find out that you get a piece of lemon meringue pie, some ice cream or raspberry sherbet for just $3.50 (or an ice cream fudge sundae for $4.50 complete with whipped cream and a cherry.)

I’ve got a friend who stayed away from the Peppermill for many years because he thought that it was too expensive and formal based on his assessment of the main dining rooms.    He could kick himself in the butt now for not realizing how friendly, pleasant and affordable that the lounge was!   Hope you don’t end up making the same mistake! <Wink>

Facts:   The Peppermill; Lutherville; 1301 York Road (1/4 mile north of 695); 410 – 583 – 1107; Open Monday- Saturday for lunch and dinner starting at 11 am; Open Sunday for lunch and dinner starting at 1 pm;  full bar; limited vegetarian options; ;      plenty of adjacent free parking

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