Hmmm! Was that calamari or pig bung we just ate ???

After listening to one of my favorite NPR radio shows, “This American Life“, discuss the potential surreptitious substitution of rings of pig bung for rings of  calamari, I’ll confess that I’m not going to be quite so eager to order calamari!

Is it Calamari or Pig Bung?

Calamari?   Pig butt?   Apparently it’s not so easy to tell!


If you’ve got 20 minutes or so and you’re prone to ordering calamari, I’d recommend that you  listen to the full “This American Life” discussion:

Here’s a brief discussion:

Here’s a link maintaining that substitution of pig bung rungs for calamari is an urban myth:

Urban myth or possible reality?  I’m unsure!  What do you think???


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