Guest Review: Thumbs Up for Tavern on the Hill


My friends Fred & Bernie had dinner at “Tavern on the Hill” recently and passed on these photos and their feedback.


Fred reports that ” My fish/chips were very hot, crispy and tender inside, with 4 fillets and a big plate of skin-on fries. Nice tub of tartarsauce, too!”


“Bernie’s pair of chicken fillets were nicely crusted, but on the thin side, having been well pounded into submission, it seemed. He liked and enjoyed the sauce and pasta, which didn’t seem overly seasoned with oregano or “licorice”(fennel.)”

Fred confessed:   “I did taste the pasta, which might have spent a little less time in the boiling water.   The pasta was  not at all mushy, but neither stylishly al dente either.”


FYI from John:   Tavern on the Hill’s Chicken Parm is $14.99 and their Fish & Chips goes for $12.99

FACTS?  Tavern on the Hill, 900 Cathedral St.; 410-230-5400; Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner 7 days a week; Full Bar; On-street parking; Vegetarian Options; Gay Friendly; “Dining Out for Life” participant; 


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