Review: Dine and Dash?



The Baltimore Sun published an article on October 29th all about the “Dine and Dash” method of reducing the cost of  dining out in downtown Baltimore.  

The “Dine and Dash” man goes into downtown restaurants, eats a good dinner downed with multiple alcoholic drinks and then – without paying the check – makes a dash for the door!  Alternatively, he’ll fake passing out or having a seizure as a way of potentially exiting without paying his bill.



Sizing up the mad dash “Exit” !

There is a price though to these antics!  He frequently (but not always!) gets arrested and will end up getting a jail term.


We’re concerned enough about rising cost of dining out to wonder how many readers of the “Sun” may be tempted to try out the “dash and dine” technique of avoiding a fat restaurant check.   

Interested in learning more?   You can read the full “Sun” article about the “Dine and Dash” diner through this link to the “Sun” story:




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