Review: Teppanyaki Grill Buffet (Halethorpe)

We had dinner at the Teppanyaki Grill Buffet on Wednesday evening, October 17th and – despite Marty’s trepidation – we enjoyed our visit


It’s a pleasant space where you see a large, tall fountain with goldfish when you walk in…


As the hostess led us to our table in n one of the three dining rooms, we had to take in the magnitude of the possible food options:  Salads, Soups, Appetizers, Sushi, Hibachi “cooked to order” grill, hordes of Asian (and american) entrees and veggies plus 15′ of desserts!  And all under a huge chandelier!  Whew!


John & Marty both started with some sushi and a cup of soup (John enjoyed his bowl of “Hot & Sour” soup.



Standouts included stuffed garlic shrimp, Asian style green beans, zucchini, & mushrooms, egg rolls, spicy pork dumplings, coconut chicken …   Geez – Just lots of good stuff to eat!  

Somehow…   we still had room to sample some of desserts – which included a half dozen flavors of ice cream, puddings, jello, variety of fresh fruit and an assortment of pastries and cookies.


Our waitress was admirably diligent removing used plates, re-filling our drinks and available if we needed anything.  (When we reminded her that (ahem…) some of us were “seniors”, she gladly applied a senior $1 off discount per senior to our check!).   Prices are reasonable for what you get – dinner buffet is $10.50 for adults (soft drinks were an additional $1.50 extra and included re-fills)

If all of this wasn’t enough, a visit to the rest rooms showed that the decor didn’t stop in the dining rooms and buffet areas!


All in all, we enjoyed our visit to Teppanyaki Grill Buffet.  It’s not gourmet or “foodie” fare but we were able to find lots of dishes that we enjoyed (and proven by at least a couple of return trips to sample more of the possibilities!  

Facts:   Teppanyaki Grill Buffet (Halethorpe); 3551 Washington Blvd;
(410) 242-5887; lots of adjacent free parking; veggie options; we were unable to identify an internet web site for Teppanyaki


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