Review: Golden West Cafe – An Oldie but Goodie

It’s been a LONG time since we visited the Golden West Cafe and reviewed it back in December of 2008.    It still looks as quirky as we remembered


There were an amazing number of painted versions of “The Last Summer”


And other inexplicable religious art…


The menus are encased in old LP record covers which proved interesting in and of themselves…


At least one cover in particular raised our eyebrows

Music to Watch Girls By?

Music to Watch Girls By?

There’s interesting stuff to check out inside the menu as well. First of all, breakfast is available all day.  If you’re looking for a more traditional dinner, there a lot of appetizers ($3-$10).   “Made Here” soups are a good thing to think about (mostly $4/cup).   Several intriguing entree salads have an asian touch ($10-$13). Burgers ($10-$15) are made from organically raised local cattle and come on “made here” buns with lettuce and tomato and you get your your choice of garlic fries, a side salad or Vegan cole slaw.  Choice of a dozen sandwiches ($10-$13) come with the same sides.   The Golden West name is more evident in a variety of south west dishes that that the cafe considers specialities ($10-$15).

John enjoyed a cup of thick and spicy Pumpkin Soup ($4)
Which he REAllY liked…


and a “Mental Oriental Salad” ($8)  with cold peanut noodles and romaine with slivered carrots, scallions, and black sesame seeds. and a spicy peanut sauce

Mental Oriental Salad

Mental Oriental Salad

Marty had a “Warm Vietnamese Salad” ($12); It had about 8 good sized shrimp in it and he made up  a dressing combined out of a mix of Fish Sauce and Peanut Sauce; He like it so much that he chowed down and made a significant dent in it before John could get a decent picture.   Imagine Marty with a smile on his face in front of an empty large white ceramic bowl! <Wink>

Fred had a burger (though it looked amazingly good particularly with a large steak knife sticking out of it, he declared it and his garlic fries to be average – though he willingly and readily grabbed what extra fries his buddy Bernie offered him.  (His plate was also pretty clean when he was done!)

Burger with Knife

Burger with Knife

Our friends Bernie, Bob and Bill all had a Turkey Sandwich with allegedly melted Brie($9).  All three of them liked it – though Bob thought the fries were overdone; Bill got a nice side salad with his in place of the fries (Very Healthy Decision, Bill !)

Turkey with Brie

Turkey with Brie

Our young cute waiter with a beard was a bit spacey but endearing, attentive and a good guy.  When he brought us 3 cups of coffee which were clearly luke warm at best – he immediately brought us three cups which were hot.   He didn’t understand what John meant when he said he wanted “hi test” coffee (i.e., regular and not de-caf); John must be older than he realized!   When John asked for vegan friendly sweetner for his coffee, the waiter quickly materialized some Truiva packets (sweetener made from the Stevia plant – John thinks that “Stevia in the Raw” version is naturally sweeter and prefers that)

Marty was enjoying himself enough that he might have considered dessert but the dessert options were VERY limited and there was nothing on the short list of just 3 desserts that tempted him.

When the check arrived, we were surprised that the cups of coffee cost $3.25 a cup and that a 20% gratuity was added because we had 6 people at our table.   (Bernie was later quite annoyed to find that they had calculated the gratuity on the bill as well as the sales tax!   Fortunately that happened after we all said good night and went our separate ways.)

FACTS:   Golden West Cafe  (Hampden);  1105 W. 36th St;  (410) 889-8891;  Full bar; extensive veggie and vegan menu options; on-street parking; varied clientele of young or hip, not particularly la-ti-da type people


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