Why are so many Vietnamese restaurants name after “Pasteur”?

I had dinner this week at a great Vietnamese restaurant in Catonsville, Pho Pasteur.  http://phocatonsville.com/index.htm

Pho Pasteur, Catonsville

Trying to find their website, I discovered that there scores and scores of Vietnamese restaurants across the US which are named Pasteur.   New York, Boston,  San Diego, San Jose, Orlando, Chicago, Dallas (and on and on…)

Are they part of a chain?   Nope!

What’s the story then?

The answer is two fold…

One of the most famous and well regarded noodle places in Saigon in Vietnam is the Phở Hòa Pasteur


Pho Hoa Pasteur – Saigon, Vietnam

Why a Pho shop in Saigon named after Pasteur?


It’s name derives from being across the street from The Pasteur Institute – which was founded by a student and disciple of Louis Pasteur – the famous French scientist – who – developed the process which we today call Pasteurization (one of many of significant scientific achievements!).


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