First Look: Lost City Diner

With friends Tom and Jerry, we got free tickets to see “Single Carrot Theatre’s” production of “A Beginner’s Guide to Deicide”  as part of the wonderful and worthwhile “Free Fall Baltimore” program (‎).   With “Single Carrot” located temporarily in the former “Everyman Theater” space next to the Charles Theater, we decided to get a bite to eat the “Lost City Diner” right across the street.

The interior of Lost City Diner is a glorious colorful feast of 1950’s retro which offers the choice of eating at a pleasant counter or in a mix of 4-seater booths and tables for two.

The menu is big and eye catching with fanciful descriptions and took us awhile to read through (none the less make a decision on what to eat!)

John started with a cup of the Vegan Chili ($4); it was wonderfully rich and spicy and satisfying and had him using his finger to lick the cup clean and him remembering fond thoughts of the dearly departed Zodiac restaurant).  Jerry and Tom shared some special fries covered with cheese and gravy ($5) that were right tasty.

Finally, we reached some decisions about our main course!   John ordered an Eggplant Parm Sub ($9),  Jerry ordered the meatloaf ($12) and Tom went with the Jayne Mansfield eggs on English Muffins.

I regret that I didn’t have my camera with me.  All three items were definitely photo worthy!  Jerry’s meatloaf included three big thick slabs of meatloaf with Mashed Potatoes and string beans.  The meatloaf was deliciously tasty (and Jerry pointed out that the potatoes were from scratch and not instant.   John’s eggplant sub was encased in an 8″ long sub roll and came with chips.   Regretfully, the eggplant was excessively salty (so we recommend that you avoid this choice for the time being!).

The joke behind the naming of Tom’s Jayne Mansfield eggs became quickly obvious – two big round poached eggs sat on top of two English Muffins and – how can I put this??? – looked obviously bosom-y!

Our waiter was knowledgeable about the menu and attentive; overall we like the atmosphere and the food (well, with the exception of the overly salty eggplant!) but John was impressed enough

Facts – Lost City Diner, 1730 N. Charles St (Station North);; no liquor; large number of vegetarian/vegan options; on street parking


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