York Road Corridor Update

Traveling south on the York Road corridor through Cockeysville, TImonium and Lutherville back to Baltimore on a Saturday evening provided it’s share of discoveries!

Patrick’s in Cockeysville is closed for remodeling.   We were looking forward to enjoying the “Light Fare” menu in Patrick’s lounge.    Checking later, it was re-assuring to see that their web page – http://www.patricksrestaurant.com/ – mentions the closure for re-modeling; that’s a good thing – many times, our experience is that “re-modeling” is a cover-up for financial troubles and that the restaurant never re-opens.  We hope that’s not the case with Patrick’s!

Right off of York Road, Piv’s Pub, a one time popular sports bar and restaurant and a past favorite of Marty,  is shut down with a “For Sale” sign posted in front on York Road.

Other restaurants on the York Road corridor were so busy even at 6 pm that there was no hope of getting into them with less than 30-60 minute wait for a table!   The parking lots at Bluestone ( http://bluestoneonline.net/ ), the Peppermill ( http://www.pepmill.com/) and the Irish Stil  (http://thestilltimonium.com/)  were filled to overflowing.

At the Pepper Mill  , a veritable geriatric dining institution <Wink>, there wasn’t a seat to be had at the big bar even if we had thought of having a snort at the bar while waiting 30-45 minutes for a table!  (FYI – the lounge at the Peppermill has a great, ,very reasonably priced light fare menu plus reasonably priced good cocktails!)

Further into the middle of Towson, by great fortune, we found a parking spot opening up right across from the newish Mexican restaurant, El Rodeo    – http://elrodeotowson.com/    To our chagrin, the attractive dining room was full with another long wait for a table so we ended up passing on that (but making a mental note that we want to return and try it out!

While all of these place have very hetero clientele, that shouldn’t keep readers of GayLife from giving them a try if you’re out there on the north side of the Beltway.


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