Review: Catch Sunshine in Fork!


Eight miles northeast of the Baltimore Beltway #695 just off of Harford Road, I’ve been introduced to the Sunshine Grill by my friends Tom and Paul and it’s worth knowing about!

FYI – Yes, there REALLY is a place called Fork, Maryland and there is a Fork Post Office just a walk away from the Sunshine Grill!  (I leave it to you to research Google and find out if there are towns called Knife or Spoon in Maryland!)


The drive out on Harford Road can be a revelation and best enjoyed during the day.   Most of the distance is winding country roads on the way out to Fork that may leave you feeling like you’re really hours away from Baltimore.

It’s owned by a couple that years ago both ran stalls in the downtown Lexington market (in fact, that’s how they met and got involved!)   There’s a friendly staff of friendly, attractive young men and women (I know one of my friends gets eye strain from enjoying the view of young men after dining here! <Wink>)   The Sunshine Grille offers some of the best Greek food that I’ve had in a while and certainly a notch about what you find in other local diners (e.g., the Double T chain!).   Though tables are kind of close together and the clientele is mostly hetero, the dining room is pleasant and does feel more like a bistro than an erstwhile attempt at being a “retro” diner.

In addition to Greek standards like the Gyro, I recommend the Lamb Kapama or Lamb Fricassee (both $16 and the portions are dauntingly big…)


There’s a big dessert case up near the kitchen and and its contents can be difficult to resist!  You’ve been warned!

sunshine grill desserts

Facts:  The Sunshine Grill is located at 12607 Fork Road in Fork, Maryland.   It’s open 7 days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  It has a full liquor license plus an interesting selection of beers.  There’s a big adjacent parking lot and there’s also a deck with tables on the deck if you’re in the mood for outdoor dining.  It’s also out in the “country” and the kitchen is typically shutting down by around 9 pm so don’t show up late!

Sunshine Grille on Urbanspoon


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