First Look: Tavern on the Hill (Mt. Vernon)

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“Tavern on the Hill” opened in 2013/July 7 days a week for lunch and dinner and seems well on its way to be ironing out the new restaurants bumps.  It’s taken over the former Howard’s Deli and added some nice touches which make it feel comfortable.   It’s not only great to sit and watch passer bys on Cathedral Street but you can also enjoy wonderful outdoor dining in back on a large patio on nice days (or evenings!)


In addition to serving breakfast all day long (great when you’re in the mood for a great omelette for lunch or a light dinner!), there’s reasonable prices “tavern food” options as well as larger entrees.

John’s favorites include the “Tavern Salad” ($9 – aka a “chef salad”), the wings (your mouth will know that they don’t kid about them being hot). and the “Volcano” chocolate cake (with a combo of chocolate mousse, chocalate cake and chocolate fudge is a “gone to chocolate heaven” type of experience.   Menu includes a variety of burgers with fries ($10), a monster triple decker sandwich stuffed with more than an 1″ of Roast Beef, Turkey and Corn Beef ($10),  plus over a dozen “deli” type sandwiches ($9-$10)

The owners always seem to be there and actively monitoring what’s going on and making sure customers are happy.

The friendly staff is attentive but not overly formal  (it reminds me of how the CityCafe used to be before it went upscale, pricey and hoity toity! <Wink>)

FACTS?  Tavern on the Hill, 900 Cathedral St.; 410-230-5400; Breakfast/Lunch/DInner 7 days a week; Full Bar; On-street parking; Vegetarian Options; Gay Friendly; “Dining Out for Life” participant; ; / Visited September 9, 2013


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