REVIEW Update: Grandview Penthouse closed

The “Grandview Penthouse” closed the first week of June, 2014.   The view of Baltimore was fantastic and definitely “grand”.   I only hope that someone else takes over the space and makes a go of it!


The “Grandview Penthouse” sits on the top of a 15 story senior citizen residence on top of a hill in Hampden surrounded by windows on three sides.

Night view at Grandview Penthouse

Night view at Grandview Penthouse

Result?  You can eat a good meal and enjoy a 180+ degree of Baltimore that will knock your socks off.  “Grand View” seems some how inadequate…     Early morning, mid-day, sunset or dark of night each offers a fantastic view of Baltimore.


With a view like it has to offer, you might suspect that a dinner at “Grandview Penthouse” could cost put a serious dent in your wallet.   Not so.  WIth a wide range of sandwiches, salads, “made here” soups, and more all priced from $8-$12, you can enjoy the awesome view without being worried about paying your bills!

John started dinner with a cup of the “made here” cream of crab soup (just $4).  Smooth and creamy with pieces of crab, it proved a great beginning to his meal.   For his main course, John  had a Philly style Cheese Steak sandwich.  For $9, it got a big 8″ sub stuffed with steak (cooked medium as requested) and fried onions covered in a layer of melted provolone cheese with a heaping pile of hot freshly cooked fries.  Delish!  <Smile>


My friend Bob splurged on a crab cake sandwich with chips ($12).   He was pleased to find out that the big crab cake had virtually no filler and he concluded that that it was very reasonably priced for what he got.

Grandview_crab cake

John spied a piece of delicious looking coconut cake going to a nearby table.  The waitress confirmed that it was “made here” and garnered lots of compliments since it appeared the day before.   For $3.50, John couldn’t resist and took home a slice for trying later.  It proved to be a luscious “Thumbs Up!” cake (giving some competition to John’s favorite coconut cake served by Jennings Cafe in Catonsville)

Hours are:

Monday           11-9
Tuesday           Closed
Wednesday    Closed
Thursday         11-9
Friday                11-9
Saturday           10-9
Sunday              10 – 3


3838 Roland Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21211

Phone:  410-467-4040

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